Avika Gor’s 10thClass Diaries Telugu Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

10thClass Diaries Movie Review: The teaser and trailer for Sriram and Avika Gor’s 10thClass Diaries sparked considerable curiosity before to the film’s release date, and the trailer alone has generated considerable attention. With such considerable anticipation, the picture was finally presented to the public on July 1, 2022, to generally positive reviews from both spectators and critics.


10thClass Diaries Movie Review


Sri Ram, the protagonist of 10th-Class Diaries, is a wealthy American who resides in the United States. After realizing he was unhappy with his life, he decides to reunite with his classmates from 10th grade and travel to India to visit his childhood friend Chandini (Avika Gor). The remainder of the narrative is as follows.

Cast & Crew

Srikanth (Sreeram), Avika Gor, Nazar, Archana, and others are featured in GarudaVega’ Anji’s 10thClass Diaries, which he directed, filmed, composed, and co-produced with Achut Ramarao P and Raviteja Manyam.

Movie Name 10thClass Diaries
Director GarudaVega’ Anji
Music Director Suresh Bobbili
Producer Achut Ramarao P & Raviteja Manyam
Genre Drama
Cast Avika Gor, Srikanth (Sreeram), Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Rama Rao, Naazar, Archana
Editor Prawin Pudi

Movie Verdict

The title 10thClass Diaries is the connecting element, as 10th grade is the most memorable time for great friendships, emotional bonds, and love stories in everyone’s life. Seeing this film captures all these so beautiful and it will transport you back to those times, but if we look at the picture as a whole, it has many flaws. The hero finds happiness with his 10th-grade classmates, but as he travels in India, the flow of the film turns flat as the scenes get repetitive.

Sriram is a well-known Telugu actor who returned with a solo hero after a lengthy sabbatical. He is good, but the line delivery could have been better. Avilka Gor has a terrific role because she is the film’s soul, and her character has been crafted so brilliantly that she and the rest of the ensemble have carried the film.

GarudaVega’ Anji makes a wonderful argument by covering all the elements of the first class, but his writing could have been stronger because he only partially succeeded in captivating the audience.
10thClass Diaries is technically subpar. GarudaVega’ Anji is also the film’s cinematographer; he recorded some of the most breathtaking locations. Suresh Bobbili’s songs are acceptable, S. Chinna’s background score is subpar, and the rest of the technical departments did an excellent job.

If you wish to recall your first-year memories, you should give 10thClass Diaries a chance.

Rating: 3/5

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