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18 Pages Movie Review: Nikhil, whose film Karthikeya 2 was a massive blockbuster, is back with a new romance titled 18 Pages. 18 Pages has been in the headlines for several days due to the success of Karthikeya 2. It features an all-star cast and an intriguing plot. The fact that Sukumar penned the screenplay and carried the film’s enormous expectations is one of the primary reasons for people’s excitement. Determine whether or not the film is worth watching.


18 Pages Movie Review


Nandini, portrayed by Anupama Parameswaran, is the film’s major character. She is the primary character because she does not utilize technology such as a mobile phone, Facebook, or Whatsapp. Sidharth falls in love with Nandini as a result but later discovers that she has a unique ailment that causes her to forget things. When she discovers that she may lose her memories in a few days, she begins recording her daily activities in a journal. On the eighteenth page of her diary, a twist occurs: she is abducted and loses her memories. When Siddharth discovers her using her diary, the remainder of the story is revealed.

Cast & Crew

Sukumar wrote the screenplay, Palnati Surya Pratap directed, Bunny Vasu produced, and Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran featured in the film. Gopi Sundar composed the soundtrack, and A Vasanth was responsible for the cinematography. GA2 Pictures and Sukumar Writings collaborated to produce the piece. Navin Nooli was the editor.

Movie Name 18 Pages
Director Palnati Surya Pratap
Music Director Gopi Sundar
Producer GA2 Pictures & Sukumar Writings
Genre Love, Thriller
Cast Nikhil Siddhartha & Anupama Parameswaran, Sarayu
Cinematography A Vasanth

Movie Verdict

It begins intriguingly by establishing the worlds of the key protagonists. This is how Sukumar writes his introductions; it is a hallmark of his prose. The narrative then shifts to its actual setting, where two opposing brains eventually collide, and the engrossing drama maintains our interest. Even if there were a few unresolved issues in the first half, the tale and the intriguing characters make it engaging. The first half’s love story was likewise well-written, and the twists after intermission had us eager to see the second act.

The second is vastly dissimilar to the first, which began with a humorous love tale and well-written dialogue. But after Nandini is abducted, the second completely transforms into a suspenseful scene. From that point on, the seductive screenplay and Siddharth’s realization that she was utilizing her diary draw the audience into the story and make them feel like they’re a part of it. The pre-climax and climax twists will absolutely shock your head. In general, the first half is dull, whereas the second half is engaging.

As Nandini, Anupama performs admirably, as does the rest of the cast. Her acting is effortless in both half of her character’s arc. Even though a portion of Nikhil’s acting as Sidhaharth seemed odd, he definitely sparkled in other scenes.

Technically, 18 pages is sufficient, but a great deal more might have been done to improve it. In the first half of A Vasanth’s film, the cinematography is excellent, but when the tale shifts to a thriller, the shots are not as nice. Good work has been done by Gopi Sundar. Several of the songs were enjoyable. For the second act to have the same suspense and thrills as the first, it must have an effective background score.

The writing in 18 Pages is strong, however, Palnanti Surya Pratap failed to maintain suspense and tension in the second part of the novel, despite the quality of the writing. Some of Sukumar’s fans believe he tells original, never-before-told love stories. 18 Pages is also a unique love story, but after Kumari 21 F, he created a unique blend of a love story and a thriller.

Overall, 18 Pages is a novel love story with a hint of suspense that will appeal to all audiences.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Twists

Minus Points:

  • Lack of emotion

Rating: 3/5

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