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3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes Series Review: OTT platforms have changed the way movies are made in all languages in a big way. Now, the people who make movies and TV shows that are only for OTT streaming are choosing new people to star in them. Since big stars from different languages can’t appear in OTT movies or shows, OTT movies and shows are giving chances to many talented actors. Sony Liv has just announced a new Telugu series called “3Cs: Choices, Chances, and Changes,” which can be streamed starting today. Let’s look at a detailed review of this series to find out if it’s worth watching on Sony Liv now that it has some new characters.


3Cs - Choices, Chances, and Changes Series Review


When they wake up, three close friends are on an island they don’t know how to get off of. They start to figure out how they got there and what challenges and exciting things are in store for them. As soon as everyone finds out that drugs were put into the drinks that these three women had earlier, their peers start looking for them. The rest of the story is about answering questions like “Why are they running away from each other so much?” and “How did they get out of the trouble they made for themselves?”

Cast & Crew

Spandana Palli, Nitya Shetty, Gnaneswari Kandregula, Sanjay Rao, Ram Nitin, Viren thambidorai, Sandeep Ved, Shantanu, and Appaji are all in the 3Cs: Choices, Chances, and Changes series. This show is directed by Sampath Kumar Thota, and Rahul Yadav and Suhasini Rahul are in charge of making it. The music for this series was written by Achu Rajamani. Sunil Kashyap wrote the background music, and Abhiraj Nair was in charge of the camera work. 

Series Name 3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes
Director Sampath Kumar Thota
Music Director Achu Rajamani, Sunil Kashyap
Producer Rahul Yadav & Suhasini Rahul
Genre Thriller, Drama
Cast Spandana Palli, Nitya Shetty, Gnaneswari Kandregula, Sanjay Rao, Ram Nitin, Viren thambidorai, Sandeep Ved, Shantanu, Appaji
Cinematography Abhiraj Nair

Series Verdict

It is always hard for passionate directors to get people to take the time to watch the movies, TV shows, or short films that they have made. If the audience is disappointed by even one part of a movie or series, all the work that went into making it was for nothing. This happens most often with new directors because they have never made a movie before.

“3Cs: Choices, Chances, and Changes” is one of these series that came out on one of the best OTT platforms in India, but the way it was made and the quality of it will definitely disappoint the audience. This show had a good idea for a plot, but the way it was put together and the way the scenes were written were very boring. The lead actors in this show also gave performances that seemed forced. There aren’t many scenes in this whole show that will make people laugh or smile.

When it comes to acting, Spandana Palli, who has been in a few movies before, looks very fake in her facial expressions. Nitya Shetty is okay compared to the other two lead actresses, but her looks are disappointing. Gnaneswari Kandregula doesn’t make people laugh with how she looks or how she acts. Ram Nitin did okay in the “Hello World” series, but he didn’t do well this time. Sanjay Rao’s part is small and doesn’t give him much to do. All of the other actors did what their parts called for.

“3Cs: Choices, Chances, and Changes” looks fine on paper. The music by Achu Rajamani and Sunil Kashyap fits the mood of the story, especially Sunil Kashyap’s background score. Abhiraj Nair’s cinematography could have been better for a dark comedy series like this one. Some unneeded and slow-moving scenes could have been cut out of this series to make it better. Production values are decent.

Director Sampath Kumar Thota has done his best to make the best show possible, but he hasn’t been able to make a show that is interesting and exciting to watch. His lack of experience is clear in many scenes throughout the whole show.

Overall, “3Cs: Choices, Chances, and Changes” is a good series that you can watch this weekend on Sony Liv OTT, since there aren’t any other movies to stream or come out in theatres.

Plus Points:

  • Few Scenes from different episodes
  • 1st episode

Minus Points:

  • Draggy Narration
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

Rating: 2.25/5

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