Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review: The young people who made the trailer and teaser for the touching love story “Aakasa Veedhullo” had no trouble getting people interested. On the other hand, Gautham Krishna was both in and in charge of Aakasha Veedhullo. Today, September 2, 2022, the movie opened to mostly good reviews and crowds. So, without further ado, let’s get to the meat of the review and find out if the movie is worth your time.


Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review


Siddhu, a character created by Gautham Krishna, finds comfort in music after failing at love. But things get a lot harder for him when Dharma Music Production tells him he’s no longer part of their team. The fact that Siddhu drank and used drugs hurt his music career. How he solves all of these problems shows how the plot comes together.

Cast & Crew

The film’s main characters are played by Pujita Poonnada and Gautham Krishna. Gautham Krishna directed the movie, which was shot by Vishwanath Reddy and scored by Judah Sandhy. Manoj J.D. and Dr.J. Manikanta were in charge of production (under the names GK Film Factory and Manoj Art Creations, respectively).

Movie Name Aakasa Veedhullo
Director Gautham Krishna
Music Director Judah Sandhy
Producer Manoj J.D., Dr.J. Manikanta
Genre Love Drama
Cast Gautham Krishna, Pujita Poonnada
Editor Sashank

Movie Verdict

After a romantic relationship ends, the main character in many movies, including Aakasa Veedhullo, falls into a deep depression. Even though he works a lot and has a family to take care of, he never stops thinking about his one true love. Everything about it is old, from the story to the expected situations to the average acting.

Some of the love and travel scenes in the movie aren’t exactly new, but they’re still fun to watch, so you might find yourself watching them for a while. Besides those parts, the movie is dull the whole way through. Aakasa Veedhullo is about a character’s journey, but the director didn’t do a good job of developing Hero, so he doesn’t feel like a new person. This could be why the story’s main feeling doesn’t really hit home.

Gautham Krishna is a good actor, and he also directed the movie. However, his first movie as a director was a failure. Even though the movie’s plot isn’t very original, it would have looked better if an experienced director had been in charge. The rest of the cast did great work as well.

All of the technical parts of Aakasa Veedhullo are well done, from Vishwanath Reddy’s photography to Judah Sandhy’s score. This would have been enough to save the movie on its own.

Last but not least, if you have nothing else to watch, you could try Aakasa Veedhullo.

Rating: 2.5/5

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