Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024: On this page, you will get to find the list of the latest Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video with their Digital Release Dates & Digital Rights 2024. So, follow this page regularly for more updates on new Telugu movies Digital release dates 2024, and Digital rights.

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Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List

In Prime Video, viewers can watch anything anytime as per their wish. Now we are going to discuss the latest Telugu movies on Amazon Prime Video which will help the users to watch Telugu films. Are you waiting for the impending latest films on Prime Video? No worries, we are here to provide detailed information, so that you do not need to take the trouble in searching.

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024

Movie nameStreaming DateWatch on
Mirzapur Season 305 July 2024Prime Video
Sathyabhama28 June 2024Prime Video
PT Sir21 June 2024Prime Video
Gam Gam Ganesha20 June 2024Prime Video
Love me14 June 2024Prime Video
Star07 June 2024Prime Video
Tenant07 June 2024Prime Video
Aa Okkati Adakku31 May 2024Prime Video
Kaliyuga Pattanam Lo23 May 2024Prime Video
Krishnamma17 May 2024Prime Video
Love Guru11 May 2024Prime Video
Lineman03 May 2024Prime Video
Family Star26 April 2024Prime Video
Yatra 212 April 2024Prime Video
Om Bheem Bush12 April 2024Prime Video
Rebel06 April 2024Prime Video
Chaari 11105 April 2024Prime Video
Kismat02 April 2024Prime Video
Masthu Shades Unnai Ra29 March 2024Prime Video
Inspector Rishi29 March 2024Prime Video
Anveshi15 March 2024Prime Video
Ooru Peru Bhairavakona08 March 2024Prime Video
Eagle01 March 2024Prime Video
Game On28 February 2024Prime Video
Poacher23 February 2024Prime Video
Regina22 February 2024Prime Video
Captain Miller09 February 2024Prime Video
Joruga Husharuga08 February 2024Prime Video
Saindhav03 February 2024Prime Video
Vidhi26 January 2024Prime Video
Sapta sagara daache ello side B25 January 2024Prime Video
Indian Police Force19 January 2024Prime Video
Devil: The British Secret Agent14 January 2024Prime Video
A Ranjith Cinema12 January 2024Prime Video
Tiger 307 January 2024Prime Video
Krishna Ghattam05 January 2024Prime Video
Calling Sahasra01 January 2024Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2023

Movie nameStreaming DateWatch on
My Name is Sruthi29 December 2023Prime Video
Ala Ninnu Cheri23 December 2023Prime Video
Vyooham Series14 December 2023Prime Video
Spark11 December 2023Prime Video
Dhootha01 December 2023Prime Video
Bhagavanth Kesari24 November 2023Prime Video
The Village24 November 2023Prime Video
Tiger Nageshwara Rao17 November 2023Prime Video
P.I. Meena03 November 2023Prime Video
Peddha Kapu-127 October 2023Prime Video
Aspirants Season 225 October 2023Prime Video
Maama Mascheendra20 October 2023Prime Video
Prem Kumar13 October 2023Prime Video
Mark Antony13 October 2023Prime Video
Mumbai Diaries Season 206 October 2023Prime Video
Sapta Sagaradaache Eello Side A29 September 2023Prime Video
Kumari Srimathi28 September 2023Prime Video
Bedurulanka 201222 September 2023Prime Video
Blood & Chocolate15 September 2023Prime Video
Her15 September 2023Prime Video
Bambai Meri Jaan15 September 2023Prime Video
Maayon12 September 2023Prime Video
Jailer07 September 2023Prime Video
Ustaad01 September 2023Prime Video
Narayana & co01 September 2023Prime Video
Slum Dog Husband24 August 2023Prime Video
Bhaag Saale04 August 2023Prime Video
Spy27 July 2023Prime Video
Regina25 July 2023Prime Video
Bhuvana Vijayam (Rent)22 July 2023Prime Video
Manu Charitra21 July 2023Prime Video
Unstoppable20 July 2023Prime Video
Chakravyuham: The Trap06 July 2023Prime Video
Mem Famous30 June 2023Prime Video
Anni Manchi Sakunamule17 June 2023Prime Video
Custody09 June 2023Prime Video
Hello Meera09 June 2023Prime Video
Ugram02 June 2023Prime Video
Shaakunthalam11 May 2023Prime Video
Ravanasura28 April 2023Prime Video
Ranga Maarthaanda07 April 2023Prime Video
Mr. King25 March 2023Prime Video
Balagam24 March 2023Prime Video
Popcorn17 March 2023Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Yashoda09 December 2022Prime Video
Thaggedhele09 December 2022Prime Video
Ginna02 December 2022Prime Video
Ponniyin Selvan Part 104 November 2022Prime Video
Nene Vasthunna27 October 2022Prime Video
Ammu19 October 2022Prime Video
Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali04 October 2022Prime Video
Pasalapoodi Veerababu30 September 2022Prime Video
777 Charlie (Telugu)30 September 2022Prime Video
Sita Ramam09 September 2022Prime Video
10th Class Diaries24 August 2022Prime Video
Gangster Gangaraju13 August 2022Prime Video
Thank You11 August 2022Prime Video
Rocketry26 July 2022Prime Video
Samrat Prithviraj (Telugu)01 July 2022Prime Video
Sarkaru Vaari Paata23 June 2022Prime Video
Jayamma Panchayathi14 June 2022Prime Video
KGF Chapter 203 June 2022Prime Video
Acharya20 May 2022Prime Video
Son Of India17 May 2022Prime Video
Chinni06 May 2022Prime Video
Radhe Shyam01 April 2022Prime Video
Dune (Dub)March 25, 2022Prime Video
Super MachiMarch 22, 2022Prime Video
FIRMarch 12, 2022Prime Video
No Time To DieMarch 04, 2022Prime Video
Gangs of 18March 03, 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies February 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Good Luck Sakhi12th February 2022Prime Video
Siddhartha11th February 2022Prime Video
Gangs of 1810th February 2022USA Prime Video
Mahaan10th February 2022Prime Video
Prakatana8th February 2022USA Prime Video
IPC 376 (Telugu)2nd February 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies January 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Gamanam28th January 2022Prime Video
Ram Asur14th January 2022Prime Video
Pushpa: The Rise7th January 2022Prime Video
Ravana Lanka5th January 2022Prime Video
Eakam5th January 2022Prime Video
Urekaa Sakaa Mikaa4th January 2022USA Prime Video
Big Brother (Telugu)4th January 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies December 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Muddy31st December 2022Prime Video
Seetharaam Benoy: Case No.1820th December 2022Prime Video
Marakkar Arabiya Samudhra Simham17th December 2022Prime Video
Natyam17th December 2022Prime Video
Madhura Wines16th December 2022Prime Video
The Trip15th December 2022Prime Video
Konda Polam8th December 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies November 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Drushyam 225th November 2022Prime Video
Idhe Maa Katha23rd November 2022Prime Video
The Rose Villa11th November 2022Prime Video
Aaradugula Bullet10th November 2022Prime Video
Friendship (Telugu)5th November 2022Prime Video
Jai Bhim2nd November 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies October 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateWatch On
Dheevara23rd October 2022USA Prime Video
Lawyer Viswanath20th October 2022Prime Video
Raktha Sambandham14th October 2022Prime Video
Gully Rowdy12th October 2022USA Prime Video
Anaganaga Oka Nenu10th October 2022USA Prime Video
Thalaivii10th October 2022Prime Video
Chinna Chinni Asha9th October 2022USA Prime Video
Gopyam – The Secret7th October 2022USA Prime Video
Kanabadutaledu5th October 2022Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala
3rd October 2022Prime Video
Mugguru Monagallu2nd October 2022Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies September 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
AsmeeSeptember 23, 2022
ChaitanyamSeptember 20, 2022
SundariSeptember 10, 2022
Tuck JagadishSeptember 10, 2022
Mumbai Diaries (Dub)September 09, 2022
Parigettu ParigettuSeptember 05, 2022
Ksheera Sagara MadhanamSeptember 04, 2022
JaSeptember 04, 2022
PaagalSeptember 03, 2022
CindrellaSeptember 03, 2022

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
The Family Man 2 (Dub)August 25, 2022
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2022
Merise MeriseAugust 17, 2022

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies July 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Sarpatta Parampara (Dub)July 22, 2022
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2022

Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies June 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
True18th June 2022
Mosagallu16th June 2022
Pachchis (Direct OTT)12th June 2022
Balamitra4th June 2022
DOM (Telugu)4th June, 2022

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies May 2022

Movie Name27th May 2022
Ek Mini Katha22nd May 2022
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela08th May 2022
Shukra04th May 2022
MMOF04th May, 2022