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Amigos Review: In addition to being an actor, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is a passionate producer who has attempted to present a few Telugu films with meaningful substance. But these days, his acting profession is his main priority. His latest film, the science fiction drama “Bimbisara,” was a box office success. The teaser for his newest intriguing movie, “Amigos,” which has already generated enough talk in Telugu states, is now available. Let’s go into the deep analysis of this film to find out if Kalyan Ram is able to successfully entertain the audience with his choice of stories.

Amigos 2023


Bipin, a national-level criminal, manages to elude the NIA and encounters his doubles along the way (look-alikes). He gradually makes an effort to keep up with them, but he has other plans. The rest of the narrative focuses on Bipin, his background, why the NIA is pursuing him, and the impact his disclosure caused in the lives of his impersonators.

Cast & Crew

Kalyanram plays the male lead in Amigos, with Ashika Ranganath playing the female lead. Brahmaji and Saptagiri also have major parts in the film.
Rajendra Reddy wrote and directed the film Amigos. Under the umbrella of Mythri Movie Makers, Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar produced this film. Ghibran composed the film’s music, and S Soundar Rajan was in charge of the photography.

Movie NameAmigos
DirectorRajendra Reddy
Music DirectorGhibran
ProducerNaveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar
GenreAction, Thriller
CastNandamuri Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, Sapthagiri & Others
Cinematography S. Soundar Rajan


In the past, several films have had performers who portray two characters, giving the impression that they are twins. A select few movies have also featured the meeting and discovery of look-alikes from other locations. The Amigos trailer previously provided a sneak peek at what the tale may actually be, and it perfectly matches our idea.

The NIA identifies him as one of the most dangerous criminals in India at the beginning of the film, but later scenes show the figure wandering about outside without any safety measures in place. The movie lacks numerous logical connections. Although the plot of the story was intriguing, the narrator seems quite mundane and there are numerous commercial components incorporated throughout the entire film. Only a few parts are done nicely, but other scenes in the theatres will undoubtedly try your patience with their routine crafting.

In terms of performances, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram can be seen in three different roles, each of which has a different appearance but the same performance. When compared to the other two characters from the film, his negative character is marginally superior. Actress Ashika Ranganath made a strong impression despite having little screen time in her Telugu debut. Brahmaji made people chuckle in a few instances. The other actors all performed their roles as needed for the characters.

The visual quality of Amigos is good. Ghirban’s songs are forgettable, yet the background music gave many sequences the necessary intensity despite the mediocre screenwriting and acting in those scenes. One of the movie’s attractions is the cinematography by S Soundar Rajan, but a couple sequences appear overly saturated and have unwelcome lighting in the frames. A little more editing would have been nice. Excellent production values.

Director Rajendra Reddy chose a distinctive theme, yet the film was put together using a relatively conventional structure that has been used for years. He has had some degree of success with his creation, but he still has to work on his narrative.

Amigos is a respectable attempt at Telugu filmmaking overall, however the narration has several issues.

Plus Points:

  • Cinematography
  • Background Music

Minus Points:

  • Screenplay
  • Writing
  • Dialogues

Rating: 2.75/5

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