Anya’s Tutorial Web Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Anya’s Tutorial Web Series Review: Arka Media and Aha, the creators of Bahubali, have now released a new horror serial, Anya’s Tutorial, on the platform. Now that the show has officially launched on Aha, let’s see if it’s worth our time.


Anya's Tutorial Web Series Review


When Lavanya (Nivedhitha Sathish) came out of her sister Madhu’s (Regina Cassandra) shadow, she decided to create Anya’s Tutorial in order to become an influencer, but Madhu is opposed to her intentions. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Anya goes live on Anya’s teaching channel and begins experiencing paranormal influences in her home.

Cast & Crew

Regina Cassandra and Nivedhitha Sathish star in Anya’s Tutorial, which was written by Soumya Sharma, directed by Pallavi Gangireddy, produced by Arka Media, and sponsored by Aha.

Series Name Anya’s Tutorial
OTT Platform Aha
OTT Release Date July 01, 2022
Theatrical Release Date NA
Director Pallavi Gangireddy
Starring Regina Cassandra, and Nivedhitha Sathish
Language Telugu, Tamil
Film Industry Tollywood


All of the horror films and web series that Wen has seen have been commercially generated, in his opinion. The series’ premise and writing, however, are what set it apart, as there are fewer commercial components.

The first episode of the series is captivating since the show’s creators have kept the mystery going throughout. Web series necessitates twists, and this one has several that keep you going back for more. Slow narration in the middle of an episode is common for internet broadcasts. And the series’ climax, which represents the showrunners’ and writer’s spirit, is finished with a twist that sets the stage for another season.

Regina Cassandra gives a fantastic job as Madhu since she can play any character realistically. Because of the complexities of her character and her remarkable performance, Nivedhitha Sathish, who plays Anya, is the show’s star. Everyone else in the cast did an excellent job!

Soumya Sharma’s writing deserves praise because she has written so well about Anya’s character on the inside and out, as well as the reasons why she experiences the paranormal and her child’s predisposition for young life due to her mother’s terrible upbringing; all of these elements are so well integrated into the series.

Pallavi Gangireddy kept the audience’s attention throughout the series, and the show’s biggest feature is the dark, melancholy imagery, which transports viewers to a new universe.

Finally, if you prefer Horror, Anya’s Tutorial is a great online series to watch.

Rating: 3/5

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