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ATM Series Review: Zee5 has been focusing on Telugu content in recent times, as we all know Telugu films and series are getting worldwide recognition, and keeping in mind the universal audience, writers, directors, and producers are coming up with unique content. However, Telugu’s top producer, Dil Raju, made his OTT debut with the series called “ATM.” He produced this series under the banner of Dil Raju Productions, and one of the top directors in Telugu, Harish Shankar, provided the story. Since the announcement that Bigg Boss fame VJ Sunny would be making his debut, the ATM series has raised expectations, and once the trailer was released, the expectations were multiplied by two; however, the series has finally been released on Zee5, and let’s dive into the full review to see how it turned out.

atm series review


ATM tells the story of four childhood friends who grew up in a slum and became thieves as a result of their poverty. Due to one incident Jagan (VJ Sunny), decided to loot ATMs and one robbery makes them stuck in 25 crores robbery case Hegde(Subbaraju) was appointed as CI to catch them. Finally, will Hegde catch them? Who stole the Rs. 25 crores? How Jagan and his gang survive forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

VJ Sunny plays the lead role, Subbaraju, Prudhvi, Divi, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raja, Divya Vani, Shafi, and others, and this series has written by Harish Shankar, C Chandra Mohan is the director, Prashant R. Vihari is the music composer, Monic Kumar G is the cinematographer and this series has produced by Dil Raju under the banner of Dil Raju Productions and backed by Zee5.

Series Name ATM
Director C Chandra Mohan
Music Director Prashant R. Vihari
Producer Dil Raju
Genre Crime Drama
Cast VJ Sunny, Subbaraju, Prudhvi, Divi, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raja, Divya Vani, Shafi
Cinematography Monic Kumar G

Movie Verdict

We have seen “N” in a number of crime drama films and series, but still, this genre always excites us, and if money is involved in the crime dramas, that makes it even more exciting to watch the film or series because it has a lot of scope for thrilling moments and enough twists. However, crime dramas are very rare in Telugu, but now the ATM series seems to be the best crime drama series. The series deals with money, as it starts off with a robbery by four friends and Jagan, who leads the mission.

Except for Jagan’s boring love story, the first few episodes engaged us with just the right amount of comedy; however, once Jagan and his friends attempt the robbery, the cat-and-mouse game between Jagan and police officer Hegde keeps us glued to the screens. In the middle, the slow narration made us lose interest in watching the series, but the twists at the end of every episode made us keep watching. The series lacks emotion, and a few pieces of logic went missing, but despite the flaws, this crime drama has enough elements to engage the viewer from start to finish.

VJ Sunny as the slum guy nailed it; though it is a debut series, he excelled in key scenes as well, and after a long gap, Subbaraju has done good roles, and he did his best, and the rest of the cast, Prudhvi and Divi, all did their best.

Harish Shankar wrote a relatable story and added some points that are quite familiar to all the viewers, and C. Chandra Mohan has succeeded in engaging the series with his narration, though he struggled in the middle, but he manages with the right amount of comedy and enough thrills.

Technically, ATM looks great; Dil Raju spent a good amount on this project; Monic Kumar G’s visuals look great; he created the right mood for a crime drama; Prashant R. Vihari has done a good job with his background score; and rest of the technical team did well.

Overall, ATM is the best crime drama series to watch.

Plus Points:

  • Storyline
  • Screenplay
  • Twists

Minus Points:

  • Slow Narration
  • Lack of Emotion

Rating: 2.75/5

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