BiggBoss OTT 3 Episode 6 Highlights: Neeraj’s shocking mid-week elimination, Shivani broke down and cried inconsolably

In the sixth episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, the housemates were surprised by a dramatic mid-week eviction. Neeraj Goyat was ousted from the home, as previously reported, although his eviction was only recently revealed. On the other side, Ranveer Shorey and Sana Maqbool got into a brawl. As Ranveer and Shivani Kumari were making everyone laugh by imitating each other, the actor got into an argument with Sana Maqbool. When Ranveer referred to Sana as a ‘chameleon’, she referred to herself as a serpent and threatened to bite him. What occurred in the June 26 episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’? Read the updates:


Mid-week elimination announced

The sixth episode starts with a lot of fun. Ranveer Shorey and Shivani Kumari mimic each other. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss summons all of the housemates to the Bigg Boss living area and informs them that it is time to expel the first member of this season from the house.

Shivani and Neeraj Goyat are nominated for eviction as outsiders. Bigg Boss announces that the audience’s vote has been made, but he wants to hear from each housemate individually on who should be removed. Nine of the fourteen housemates believe Shivani should be expelled.

This time Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting is going to very different compared to previous seasons. However, Neeraj Goyat is eliminated based on audience votes. Bigg Boss states that the audience does not believe Shivani should be removed. Bigg Boss then informs Neeraj Goyat that he has been ousted and should leave the house.

Pet care task, housemates teased each other

Bigg Boss unveiled a new assignment called ‘Pet Care’ in which contestants must care for pets. The housemates call each other by the names of their pets and taunt each other frequently. Paoli Das calls her pet Shivani and mocks it. Sai Ketan Rao names his pet Luv Katariya and talks about him.

Actually, all of the housemates have to gossip about each other because of the pets they have. When Shivani’s turn comes, she picks up a pet and says, “This is Sana Maqbool; she is an amazing bitch.” She has a tail. All of the housemates giggle when they hear this.

The sound of a pet barking is heard, and Kritika, Shivani, and Payal accept payment from the director Arman for their labor. With this money, kids can choose their own role and ration in the house. The person is compensated based on the amount of work he completed for the task.

Vishal gets promoted to manager in the fourth round, with Ranveer, Sana Sultan, and Munisha Khatwani as workers. Everyone gossips about the other housemates one by one. When the round concludes, the three workers select their duty using the money they have received.

After that, there is another round, and Big Boss completes the assignment. Big Boss instructs that from now on, each member will perform the chore listed in front of their name on the duty board.