Chiranjeevi Tamil Dubbed Movies List [Recently Updated]

Chiranjeevi Tamil Dubbed Movies List: 62-year-old Chiranjeevi is the focus of today’s conversation. Based on Google searches, there seems to be a rising pattern of interest. He was born on August 22, 1955, in Mogalthur, in the Indian province of West Godavari. He can be described as an entertainer. A comprehensive dataset will be very helpful if you are researching Chiranjeevi’s life and want to learn everything there is to know about his connections and data. You are in the perfect location to do this.


Chiranjeevi Tamil Dubbed Movies List

Chiranjeevi Tamil Dubbed Movies List

S. No Movie Name In Telugu Movie Name In Tamil
1 Anji Kollimalai Singam
2 Bava Gaaru Bagunnara Siranjeevi Muraden
3 Gang Leader Gang Leader
4 Jai Chiranjeeva Deva
5 Iddaru Mitrulu Singa Nadai
6 Indra Tiger
7 Syeraa Narasimha Reddy Syeraa Narasimha Reddy
8 Kondaveeti Raja Thangamalai Thirudan
9 Aapadbandahavudu Veera Marudthu
10 Mruga Raju Vettai Karan
11 Rakshasudu Kollaikaran
12 God Father God Father

In India, Chiranjeevi sometimes referred to as “Megastar,” is a well-known politician. In the Telugu cinema industry, people often refer to him as “Annaya” or “Boss.” In real life, he goes by the name Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad. Chiranjeevi made his acting debut in the year 1978.

His family came up with names like KSSV Prasad, Vara Prasad, Siva Shankar, and Shankar Babu for his debut movie, Punadhirallu. In a dream he had the night before “Punadhirallu” was filmed, his friends in the “Anjaneya Swamy Temple” referred to him as “Chiranjeevi.” Chiru went to his mother the following morning to inform her about his dream. His mother, Anjana Devi, claimed that since “Chiranjeevi” is another name for “Lord Hanuman,” the latter desired to use it.

He chose the moniker Chiranjeevi online because his family has a deep attachment to the Hindu divinity Anjaneya. “Punadhirallu,” Chiru’s debut acting project, has no set release date. On September 22, 1978, “Pranam Khareedu,” his first movie, had its premiere.

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