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Crazy Fellow Telugu Movie Review: Adi Saikumar has been in almost nine movies in a single year. It is still a mystery to me how he is able to get so much acting work, considering how many times he has failed. Since Crazy Fellow just came out in theatres today, October 14, 2022, it will now be judged to see how good it is. Sharwanand saw the movie at a special screening where it got good reviews, but the trailer didn’t make him want to see it.


Crazy Fellow Telugu Movie Review


The main character in Crazy Fellow is a young man named Nani, played by Adi Saikumar, who is hopelessly in love with Bala Tripura Sundari and has a serious lack of the trait of attention. But Nani’s problems really start when he falls in love with another woman without meaning to. The story could go one of two ways, depending on how he handles the situation.

Cast & Crew

The movie is directed by Phani Krishna Siriki and stars Aadhi Sai Kumar, Digangana Suryavanshi, Mirnaa Menon, Saptagiri, Narra Srinivas, Anish Kuruvilla, Ravi Prakash, Pawan, Priya Hegde, and Deepthi Naidu. Satish Muthyala was in charge of the filming, R R Dhruvan wrote the music, and Satya Giduturi was in charge of the editing.

Movie Name Crazy Fellow
Director Phani Krishna Siriki
Music Director R R Dhruvan
Producer K K Radhamohan
Genre Comedy Drama
Cast Aadhi Sai Kumar, Digangana Suryavanshi, Mirnaa Menon, Saptagiri, Narra Srinivas, Anish Kuruvilla, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, Ravi Prakash, Pawan, Priya Hegde, Deepthi Naidu
Cinematography Satish Muthyala

Movie Verdict

Adi Saikumar made nine movies in a row, but none of them were successful. Why did the setback happen? Crazy Guy once again showed that he is the same.

The movie isn’t controversial, and the awkward attempts at humor should have worked better. Instead, the whole movie feels old, from the story to the forced humor to the bad acting. The movie is hard for people to watch.

Adi Saikumar’s performance as Nani has reached its highest point, so it’s probably best for him to move on to other roles. I’m still interested in how well his movies do at the box office. Digangana Suryavanshi, Mirnaa Menon, and Saptagiri all give good performances, even though there is no room for them to grow. Everyone in the supporting cast does a good job.

In an interview, Phani Krishna Siriki was sure that the movie would be liked by a wide range of people. When people of all ages and backgrounds didn’t watch the movie, he failed horribly as a writer and director.

Crazy Fellow doesn’t do well in terms of technical quality. Sathish Muthyala’s photography is bad, RR Dhruvan’s songs aren’t very good, and the score is, at best, average. But other technical departments did a great job, just as the story said they would.

In the end, Crazy Fellow is an old story. If you have nothing better to do for two hours, give it a look.

Plus Points:

  • Nothing

Minus Points:


Rating: 2/5

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