Darshan Tamil Dubbed Movies List [Recently Updated]

Darshan Tamil Dubbed Movies List: In India, Darshan Thoogudeepa—better known by his stage name, Darshan—is a well-known actor, producer, and distributor of Kannada movies. One of the most well-liked performers in modern Kannada cinema is Hemanth Kumar. Thoogudeepa Srinivas and Meena, who are also actors, are also his parents. He spent his formative years in Mysuru, where he went to elementary and high school. Before transitioning to feature films, Darshan had roles in a number of television shows and programmes. At first, he was cast in uncredited or supporting roles.


Darshan Tamil Dubbed Movies List

Darshan Tamil Dubbed Movies List

S.No Movie Name In Telugu Movie Name In Malayalam
1 Roberrt Roberrt
2 Chingari Police C.C.B
3 Kranthi Kranthi

After leaving Ninasam, he initially worked as a lightboy in a few films before getting his big break in N. Satya’s P. Majestic (2001), in which he also starred. Since then, he has appeared in a number of more lucrative movies. Datha, Abbhay, Saarathi, Krantiveera Sangoli Rayanna, Jaggu Dada, and Chakravarthy are just a few of the well-known characters he has performed.

He published Yajamana, Kurukshetra, and Odeya in 2019. Roberrt, an action thriller, is one of his 2022 projects; he also wrote and directed Kranti, a forthcoming action thriller in Kannada by V. Harikrishna. It’s produced by company B. productions from Media House Studio’s Suresha and Shylaja Nag. The previous two movies that Darshan, Rachita Ram, and Ravichandran collaborated on were Bulbul and Ambareesha.

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