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The truth is that we haven’t seen the old Raviteja in a while, but he seems to be back in this movie, Dhamaka. Raviteja has been in movies one after the other, no matter how they turn out. Dhamaka came out on December 23, 2022, and right away, people all over the world liked it. “Double Impact” is the tagline for the movie Dhamaka, and the movie is definitely having a double effect in theatres. Vishwa Prasad worked with Abhishek Aggarwal Arts and Peoples’ Media Factory to make the movie.





Swamy and Anand (both played by Ravi Teja) look the same, but they are from different places and have different problems. When things get hard, a young and attractive girl named Pranavi (Sreeleela) falls in love with both of them. How did Swamy and Anand figure out what was wrong? Who did Pranavi choose in the end? Or does the story have a twist?


Ravi Teja and Sreleela play the main characters. Ali, Praveen, Hyper Aadi, Pavithra Lokesh, Tulasi, Rajshree Nair, Tanikella Bharani, Jayaram, Sachin Khedekar, Chirag Jani, and others also play supporting roles. Prasanna Kumar Bezawada wrote the story, the screenplay, and the dialogue for the movie. Thrinadha

Release Date | When and Where to Watch?

The day Dhamaka came out was December 23, 2022. If you missed double dhamaka in theatres and want to see the whole thing, you will have to wait a long time. Netflix bought the digital rights to the movie, so if you’re wondering where to watch Dhamaka after it did well in theatres, you can count on a digital premiere. The creators will soon announce when OTT will be out and how much it will cost, so stay tuned until then.

Ravi Teja is known for playing roles that get people excited, and he makes sure to keep his energy up to please his fans no matter what happens. The movie Dhamaka is in the same category. It was made by Ravi Teja and is meant to make money, but it doesn’t do anything new or different.


The teaser and trailer for Dhamaka got people interested and made them want to go to the theatres. People loved to see Raviteja in roles that were exciting and fun. If you want to see the trailer, you can look here.

 Budget and Collection

From Krack to Dhamaka, all of Raviteja’s movies have a beautiful look to them. Even though his last movie didn’t do well, the people who made Dhamaka didn’t skimp on quality. The movie cost almost 40 crores to make, but it has already made back its money. Since opening day, the movie has made about 9.9 crores worldwide, for a total of about 49 crores.

Movie Review and Ratings

Even though the plot isn’t original, both the public and critics have given Dhamaka good reviews and ratings. Study shows that Ravi Teja has a strong screen presence and is just as good at dancing or fighting as he is at making people laugh. IMDb users gave Dhamaka a score of about 7.1/10 (3070 votes), which was an amazing score.


Netflix bought the digital rights to the movie, and it will take at least 60 days before it can be watched on the service. Dhamaka was a huge hit at the theatres, and now movie fans are all waiting for it to come out on digital platforms. Raviteja is very busy right now with the movies Tiger Nageshwar Rao, Raavanasura, and a few that don’t have names yet.