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First Day First Show Movie Review: During the promotion for Jathiratnalu, Anudeep KV’s popularity went through the roof, so he probably doesn’t need to be introduced. As a director, what makes him stand out is his unique sense of humour and the way he moves. He is now making the movie Prince, which stars Siva Karthikeyan.


First Day First Show Movie Review

Even so, Anudeep KV wrote the story for the movie First Day, First Show. Anudeep followed Jathiratnalu’s example and used the same method of advertising to get known. But as of today, September 2, 2022, the movie has been out for a while and is doing well. Let’s get to the meat of the review and find out if you should watch this movie.


If you live life to the fullest and are a big Pawan Kalyan fan, you should go see Khushi on the day it comes out. In the meantime, the man fell in love with a girl named Laya. It was funny that she asked him to get Khushi tickets for the first day, but he couldn’t go out because of the crowd. Does he have a chance of winning her love over time? How will the story end? Will he watch the first show of the day?

Cast & Crew

Anudeep KV got help writing the script from people like Srikanth Reddy, Sanchita Bashu, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, CVL Narasimha Rao, Prabhas Sreenu, and Mahesh Achanta. Vamshidhar Goud and Lakshminarayana Puttamchetty were in charge of making the movie, and Prasanth Ankireddy was in charge of the camera work. Radhan wrote the music for the movie, which was made by Srija Edida and Sriram Edida under the banners of Poornodaya Pictures, Srija Entertainment, and Mitravinda Movies.

Movie Name First Day First Show
Director Vamshidhar Goud, Lakshminarayana Puttamchetty
Music Director Radhan
Producer Srija Edida , Sriram Edida
Genre Comedy Drama
Cast Srikanth Reddy, Sanchita Bashu, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, CVL Narasimha Rao, Prabhas Sreenu, Mahesh Achanta, and others
Editor Gullapalli Sambasivarao

Movie Verdict

You’ll probably have a good time if you don’t care about the plot, but the movie starts off well by showing what really happened in a theatre on the opening day of the movie (a scene that audiences will recognise), but then it shifts into a more traditional love story, and the first half of the movie is mostly boring, except for a few funny bloopers.

The second act only keeps your attention for a short time because the whole screenplay is made up of stock comic set pieces, a formulaic love story, and a dumb ending. First Day, First Show is a satirical movie, but it’s not very good.

Srikant Reddy, who spoke the Telangana dialect with ease, is good in his role, and Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Prabhas Sreeenu, and Mahesh Achanta are all great in theirs.

The story by Anudeep KV is boring and was only written to make people laugh. He might have written a more interesting script with the help of his assistant Vamshidhar Goud, who was also in the movie. You might think you see Anudeep KV in a different part as you watch the movie.

Some of the songs are good, but they remind us of Jathi Rathnalu songs. Also, the background music and cinematography by Radhan and Prasanth Ankireddy aren’t that great, so the movie just barely makes it in terms of technical quality. On the other hand, the rest of the technical parts are great and fit the story well.

Last but not least, First Day, First Show is a comedy worth seeing.

Rating: 3/5

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