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Good Luck Jerry Hindi Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor, who made her acting debut in the hugely successful Dhadak, afterwards appeared in the films Roohi and Gunjan Saxena, which were released in theatres and on demand, respectively. The Bollywood remake of the hugely popular Tamil film Kolamaavu Kokila stars Janhvi Kapoor in the title role. The movie is now available for viewing on Hotstar. Let’s examine this film in detail to see whether it is faithful to the source material and whether it is worthwhile to watch.


Good Luck Jerry Hindi Movie Review


Middle-class Jaya Kumari, often known as Jerry, uses her money to support her family. Her mother is also diagnosed with cancer in its latter stages at the same time that she must leave her career due to personal reasons. After making several unsuccessful attempts to raise the funds required for her mother’s business, she unintentionally finds herself in a position where she must remove the drugs that are being hidden and provide them to the gang that runs this. She continues to work at the same job in order to transport the narcotics and profit from the scheme that ultimately puts her family in danger. The subsequent circumstances she encounters make up the rest of the narrative.

Cast & Crew

Among the cast members are Janhvi Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, Sahil Mehta, Sushant Singh, and Mita Vashisht. Siddharth Sen is the film’s director, and Aanand L Rai, Subaskaran, and Mahaveer Jain worked together to produce it. Rangarajan Ramabadran is in charge of the cinematography, and Parag Chhabra is responsible for the music. The editors are Zubin Sheikh and Prakash Chandra Sahoo.

Movie Name Good Luck Jerry
Director Siddharth Sen
Music Director Parag Chhabra
Producer Aanand L Rai, Subaskaran, Mahaveer Jain
Genre Dark, Comedy
Cast Janhvi Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, Sahil Mehta, Sushant Singh, Mita Vashisht
Editor Prakash Chandra Sahoo & Zubin Sheikh

Movie Verdict

The humour produced by the character portrayed by Yogi Babu in the original was the ingredient that worked out. Despite having a few humorous moments, Good Luck Jerry lacks the original’s atmosphere. As the movie is set in Punjab, the director has made a few adjustments to the events to fit the nativity. While the characters’ actions and mannerisms can be easily seen through them, and some of them even look amusing, the sequences that worked so well in Tamil don’t fit the circumstances that were changed for this film.
Since the entire movie centres on her character and she has a lot of acting to do, Janhvi Kapoor, who impressed with her performance and appeared confident in Gunjan Saxena, falters a little bit in the role of Jerry. Given that she is still learning, she will undoubtedly improve with each endeavour. Each scene Deepak Dobriyal is in will have you laughing. Sushant Singh received a recurring character that the actor can play and that he has played onscreen numerous times. All other performers performed their roles as needed for the scenes, and Mita Vashisht does a respectable job in her role.
Actually, Best of Luck Jerry presents well. Rangarajan Ramabhadran’s cinematography was excellent; all of the shots appeared bright and vibrant, presenting some of Punjab’s most picturesque locales and evoking the spirit of the region. Although Parag Chhabra’s songs and background music are fine, Anirudh’s music for the original was one of the film’s major strengths and added intrigue to the scenes, something that is absent from this adaptation. In general, Siddharth Sen was successful in delivering an entertaining film to the Hindi audience by making some appropriate alterations to the film.
And lastly, Good Luck. With a few adjustments made for nativity, Jerry is a passable copy that will undoubtedly keep the audience entertained.

Rating: 3.25/5

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