Hello World Web Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Hello World Web Series Review: Then Zee 5 is getting ready for a new web series called “Hello World,” which will star Sivasai Vardhan Jaladanki from Geetha Subramanyam and be made by Niharika Konidela under her PinkElephantPictures banner. Let’s get right to it and see if Zee5’s eight-part office drama is worth your time.



Hello World Web Series Review


When eight young people with problems join a big IT company, they think they have solved those problems. But they soon learn that life has a lot more to offer than they thought. Even though each of the eight people has their own problems and goals, the story is really about how they deal with their problems and reach their goals.

Cast & Crew

Hello World is a movie starring Aryan Rajesh, Nikhil, Sudarsan, Anil Geela, Nayan Karishma, Apoorva Alla, Nitya Shetty, and Snehal Kamat. PinkElephant Pictures made it with money from Zee5, and Siva Sai Varadhan was in charge of it. Raju Edurolu will be in charge of the movie’s camera work, and PK Dhandi will write the movie’s music.

Series Name Hello World
Director Sivasai Vardhan Jaladanki
Music Director PK Dhandi
Producer Niharika Konidela
Genre Drama
Cast Aryan Rajesh, Ram Nithin, Nikhil, Sudarsan, Anil Geela, Nayan Karishma, Apoorva Alla, Nitya Shetty, and Snehal Kamat
Editor Praveen Pudi


Compared to Hindi, which has a lot more of them, Telugu doesn’t have as many office dramas. But Telugu content makers have been trying to make new and interesting content while also responding to what their fans want. Welcome to Hello World, a great Telugu office drama with eight episodes. Within the first 10 minutes of each episode, you’ll feel like you’re living in that world. Because so many IT experts are in the cast, the story is interesting to everyone.

The show starts off well by telling us about the lives and struggles of eight different people. However, once everyone in the group gets a job in IT, the story moves to a large IT company, where most of the action takes place. Only the last two episodes kept the show from getting boring with scenes that happened over and over again.

Hello World has a great cast. From Nikhil to Anil Geela, all of the actors are well-known in the digital world, and they all do a good job of meeting the needs of the plot. In this series, he played Aryan Rajesh for the first time, and he did a great job. He is also well known because of the movie Jayam. Sada, who was also making her digital debut, did a good job as the strict Manager Prarthana, and the rest of the cast gave it they are all.

This is the second highly regarded series by Sivasai Vardhan Jaladanki. His first, Geetha Subramanyam, was a big hit. Even though the plot and premise are different, they might have some things in common.

Hello World is not as technically sound as Niharika’s Oka Chinna Family Story, even though Raju Edurolu’s cinematography is decent and he shot IT business scenes well, PK Dhandi’s background music fits the series, and the rest of the technical departments did their best.

Last but not least, Hello World is a great modern office drama that everyone will enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5

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