Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List

Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024: Disney+ Hotstar is the OTT platform not only in India but also started serving content for Indian regional content across the globe. It is the first VOD service in India that delivers content to its subscribers for both free and premium plans. Hotstar also has global content along with Indian regional content like movies, shows, and Live sports facilities. The content available on Disney+ Hotstar is the best of its kind to present to its users. If you are searching for a Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List, then make sure to refer to this page completely. On this page, you can track the list of upcoming movies on Hotstar 2022-2023 with OTT Release dates based on the announcements made by Hotstar on Social Media pages.

hotstar upcoming telugu movies list

OTT List will regularly track the Hotstar Telugu movies list along with the release dates. We provide accurate release dates along with the date and time of the movie releases. Hotstar has many movies which are lined up for direct OTT release along with Hotstar Original content like Web Series and Shows. So, people who are curious about upcoming Telugu movies on Hotstar are advised to visit this page regularly.

Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 & Latest Originals

Based on many surveys and OTT statistics, Disney+ Hotstar has the highest no.of subscribers in India. So, Out of all the OTT services, the majority of the film audience and binge-watchers usually prefer to take the Hotstar subscription plans to enjoy watching movies with their families. Moreover, Hotstar not only offers a wide range of content with an unbeatable playback experience for all ages but also allows users to access some content for free.

Disney+ Hotstar is available in all Indian regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, and other languages. The main objective of this article is to aid our OTT List readers in fetching out the upcoming Telugu movie’s digital release dates. Now, let’s begin finding the new Telugu Movies on the Disney+ Hotstar OTT platform.

Disney+ Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024

Hotstar Telugu Movies List catalog fetches the best content to satiate its users across the globe. As knowing the upcoming Telugu movie’s OTT Release dates is a tough task, we are trying to help you in finding the upcoming Telugu movies on Hotstar in advance. So that you can save time in searching for the OTT Release dates of Telugu Movies on Hotstar.

Along with the Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2023-2024, you will also find the Best Telugu movies on Hotstar that might grab your attention. So, why are you waiting? take a look at the list of newly arrived movies in the Hotstar  Telugu entertainment category.

Hotstar New Telugu Movies 2024

Movie NameRelease DateWatch on
Kalvan/Chorudu14 May 2024Hotstar
Manjummel Boys05 May 2024Hotstar
Bhimaa25 April 2024Hotstar
Siren19 April 2024Hotstar
Lambasingi02 April 2024Hotstar
Patna Shuklla29 March 2024Hotstar
Lover27 March 2024Hotstar
Abraham Ozler20 March 2024Hotstar
Save the Tigers 215 March 2024Hotstar
Malaikottai Vaaliban23 February 2024Hotstar
Naa Saami Ranga17 February 2024Hotstar
Miss Perfect02 February 2024Hotstar
Neru23 January 2024Hotstar
Fight Club27 January 2024Hotstar
Extra-Ordinary Man19 January 2024Hotstar
Joe14 January 2024Hotstar
Perilloor Premier League05 January 2024Hotstar

Hotstar New Telugu Movies 2023

Movie NameRelease DateWatch on
12th Fail29 December 2023Hotstar
Mangalavaaram26 December 2023Hotstar
Falimy18 December 2023Hotstar
Vadhuvu Series08 December 2023Hotstar
Chinna28 November 2023Hotstar
The Vaccine War24 November 2023Hotstar
Kannur Squad17 November 2023Hotstar
Label10 November 2023Hotstar
Aarya Season 303 November 2023Hotstar
Skanda02 November 2023Hotstar
Masterpeace25th October 2023Hotstar
Mansion 2417th October 2023Hotstar
Mathagam S212th October 2023Hotstar
Athidhi series19 September 2023Hotstar
MY 315th September 2023Hotstar
Aakhri Sach25 August 2023Hotstar
Mathagam18 August 2023Hotstar
Neymar 08 August 2023Hotstar
Dayaa04 August 2023Hotstar
Bichagadu 218 June 2023Hotstar
Shaitan (Series)15 June 2023Hotstar
Save The Tigers (Series)27 April 2023Hotstar
O Kala13 April 2023Hotstar
Sridevi Shoban Babu30 March 2023Hotstar
Anger Tales09 March 2023Hotstar
Veera Simha Reddy23 February 2023Hotstar
Sadha Nannu Nadipe16 February 2023Hotstar
Malikappuram15 February 2023Hotstar
Raajahyogam09 February 2023Hotstar
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever01 February 2023Hotstar

Hotstar New Telugu Movies 2022

Movie NameRelease DateWatch on
Butterfly25 November 2022Hotstar
Monster (Telugu)25 November 2022Hotstar
Prince25 November 2022Hotstar
Prince17 November 2022Hotstar
Gully Rowdy04 November 2022Hotstar
Brahmastra (Telugu)04 November 2022Hotstar
Liger22 September 2022Hotstar
Maestro17 September 2022Hotstar
Unheard17 September 2022Hotstar
Vikrant Rona (Telugu)16 September 2022Hotstar
Thor Love And Thunder08 September 2022Hotstar
Repeat25 August 2022Hotstar
Cadaver12 August 2022Hotstar
The Warriorr11 August 2022Hotstar
Vikram08 July 2022Hotstar
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness22 June 2022Hotstar
O217 June 2022Hotstar
Kanmani Rambo Khatija27 May 2022Hotstar
Bhala Thandanana20 May 2022Hotstar
Bheemla Nayak24 Mar 2022Hotstar
8320 March 2022Hotstar
Khiladi11 March 2022Hotstar
Maaran11 March 2022Hotstar
Rudra (Dub)04 March 2022Hotstar
Akhanda21 January 2022Hotstar
Eternals12 January 2022Hotstar

Hotstar New Telugu Movies 2021

Movie NameRelease DateWatch on
Parampara (Series)24 December 2021Hotstar
Maa Oori Polimera10 December 2021Hotstar
Adbhutam19 December 2021Hotstar
Home Sweet Home Alone12 November 2021Hotstar
Special Ops 1.512 November 2021Hotstar
Shang Chi12 November 2021Hotstar
Jungle Cruise12 November 2021Hotstar
Gully Rowdy4 November 2021Hotstar
Oh Manapenne22 October 2021Hotstar
Seetimaarr15 October 2021Hotstar
Unheard (Series)17 September 2021Hotstar
Annabelle Sethupathi17 September 2021Hotstar
Maestro17 September 2021Hotstar
The EmpireAugust 27, 2021Hotstar
Bhuj The Pride Of India (Dub)August 15, 2021Hotstar
Netrikann (Dub)August 13, 2021Hotstar
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Hotstar
Loki (Telugu)30th June 2021Hotstar
Grahan (Dub)24 June 2022Hotstar
Out of Love (Telugu)25th May 2021Hotstar
November Story20th May 2021Hotstar
Falcon and the winter soldier S01E05 (Telugu)26th April 2021Hotstar
Trisha 60 (Telugu)14th April 2021Hotstar
Teddy (Telugu)12th March 2021Hotstar
1962: The War In The Hills (Telugu)26th February 2021Hotstar
Live Telecast (Hotstar Specials)12th February 2021Hotstar
Bhoomi14th January 2021Hotstar
Ammoru ThalliNovember 14, 2020Hotstar

Does Hotstar Have a Good Lineup of Movies in Telugu?

Yes, Hotstar has a good lineup of Telugu movies along with premium movies in the VIP plan. Moreover, Disney+ Hotstar will provide the users with Telugu dubbed movies of Disney films which is a unique thing you cannot find on other OTT platforms. Along with new Telugu movies, Hotstar users can also find direct OTT releases.

Hotstar Upcoming Telugu Movies 2023 OTT List

OTT List is always the best website currently available on the Internet to track Hotstar’s upcoming Telugu movies in 2023. We are a group of film enthusiasts and have a good command of tracking the Box Office trade as well as the OTT lineup. With more than 10 years of experience in the film industry, we always predict the upcoming movie’s release dates with accurate information.

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