House Of Lies makes its digital debut on this platform

Investigative thrillers never get bored; right now, brilliant thrillers are also coming to theatres and OTT. Now, a new film titled House of Lies has been in the spotlight.


Sanjay Kapoor stars in this investigative thriller, which will be directly released on Zee5 on May 31, 2024. Recently, the film’s trailer has been released and it looks intriguing.

Apart from Sanjay Kapoor, the film stars Rituraj K. Singh, Ssmilly Suri, Hiten Paintal, Ajitesh Gupta, and Simran Kaur Suri. Saumitra Singh directed this film.

House of Lies depicts the story of Albert getting murdered and Rajeevi takes up the case and starts investigating. How Rajeev solves the murder mystery is all about the story.