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In Car Review: Audiences will undoubtedly demand the same from actors and actresses if they leave an impression on them in their first film releases. Ritika Singh, who received a national award for her role in “Irudhi Suttru/Salaa Khadoos,” then starred in a few Telugu and Tamil films that had poor box office performance.

In Car Review

She last appeared on cinema in the 2020 film “Oh My Kadavule,” and more recently, she appeared in one of the “Story of Things” stories. After almost a three-year hiatus, she has finally produced the “In Car” movie, which is being released internationally. Let’s examine this film in detail to find out if she was successful in winning over the audience and scoring a box office success this time.


A group of men kidnaps Sakshi, a young woman. They begin torturing her throughout the entire trip in the car, and they also have intentions to rape her after they go to a remote place. Sakshi makes every effort to escape from them. If you see the movie through to the end, you will learn whether Sakshi was able to flee the gang, the cause behind her kidnapping, and the answers to many other issues.

Cast & Crew

Ritika Singh plays the protagonist role in the film Car, with Sandeep Goyat, Manish Jhanjholia, and Gyan Prakash playing supporting roles.

Harsh Warrdhan wrote and directed the film In Automobile. Anjum and Sajid Qureshi under the brand of Inbox Pictures produced this film. Mithun Gangopadhyay is in charge of the cinematography, and Mathias Duplessy is in charge of the music. Manik Diwar oversees the movie’s editing.

Movie NameIn Car
DirectorHarsh Warrdhan
Music DirectorMathias Duplessy
ProducerAnjum Qureshi, Sajid Qureshi
GenreSurvival, Thriller
CastRitika Singh, Sandeep Goyat, Manish Jhanjholia, Gyan Prakash and others
Cinematography Mithun Gangopadhyay


We seldom ever witness survival thriller flicks in Indian cinema. It’s encouraging to see Indian filmmakers experimenting with new genres, and “In Car” is one such intriguing survival thriller. The main character’s kidnapping occurs immediately after the movie begins. The audience will undoubtedly become intrigued and tense during the opening scenes.

While the film has some heartfelt moments that make us care about the lead character and how she is feeling, we also have the impression that there were some plot points that were overlooked in order to advance the plot. The intermission moment will have an impact, but it won’t last long because the following portions of the film are repetitive of events we’ve seen in other movies and have a positive message.

Ritika Singh, the actor, once again produced a stellar performance in the character of Sakshi. She had a great understanding of the character and executed the emotions on screen flawlessly, but she might have done better in a couple emotionally charged sequences. All of the actors—including Sandeep Goyat, Manish Jhanjholia, Gyan Prakash, and others—performed their roles for the characters admirably.

Theoretically, the movie In Vehicle looks alright. Mathias Duplessy’s background music complements the scenes and has a strong impact throughout the intermissions. Given that the majority of the film was shot inside a car, Mithun Gangopadhyay’s cinematography should be commended for his efforts. Manik Diwar’s editing is precise. The production values are adequate.

In an attempt to give us a distinct survival thriller, director Harsh Warrdhan was somewhat successful. But, this movie might not appeal to all audiences, so we need to wait to see how this weekend’s audience reacts before making a definitive decision.

Nevertheless, Ritika Singh’s acting and the efforts of the film team make In Car a worthwhile viewing. It is a reality-based survival thriller.

Plus Points:

  • Ritika Singh
  • Cinematography

Minus Points:

  • Repetitive scenes
  • Dragged scenes

Rating: 2.75/5

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