Kadambari Kiran Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Education, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Movies List, Career, Profession, Net Worth

Kadambari Kiran Wiki and Biography: Kadambari Kiran, or Kiran, is the stage name of the Indian actor, producer, director, and writer Kadambari Kiran. He has been alive since September 22, 1970, when he was born in Gurazanapalli, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is now 52 years old. So far, Kadambari Kiran’s artwork has been used in Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil movies, and he has worked in both Tollywood and Bollywood.


Kadambari Kiran

Kadambari Kiran Wiki: Biography, Age, Girl Friend, Family, Education, Height, Weight, Wife, Movies List, Career, Profession, Net Worth

Real Name Kadambari Kiran
Nick Name Kiran
Profession Actor, Producer, Director, Writer
Famous For Acting
Wife Name Kadambari Kalyani
Physical Status  
Age 52 years
Height 5”6
Weight 75Kgs
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Personal Information  
Date of Birth 22 September 1970
Birth Place Gurazanapalli, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Zodiac Sign NA
Nationality Indian
School Name NA
College Name Sri Ramachandra College Hyderabad
Qualifications B.com
Family Profile  
Father Name NA
Mother Name Kadambari Annapurna
Siblings NA
Career Actor
Source of Income Movies
Appeared In Movies, TV Shows
Net Worth Salary Rs. 22 Crores+(Approx.)

Kadambari Kiran Biography

Kadambari Kiran Education

He is now known as Kadamkari Kiran Kumar, but his birth name was Kadamkari. He is an actor, producer, and comedian with a lot of experience. His first movie, Siva and Prema Zindabad, came out in 1991 and was his official start in the movie business. Since he got his Bachelor of Commerce from Sri Ramachandra College in Hyderabad, his name has been on around 200 movies.

Kadambari Kiran Early Life

Even though he is one of the best-known actors in Tollywood, Kadamkari Kiran is always willing to help out struggling artists. He was quoted in an article as saying, “I remember when NagaBabu was president of MAA and about 34 artists each got 1,000 rupees. Now, there’s only one.” Because of this change, he has become very disappointed.

Kadambari Kiran Career

Kadambari Kiran started out in the business as a TV actor. He then moved on to movies and is now a screenwriter, producer, and director. Most of the time, he’s in the background, usually in comedies. Some of his best movies are “Anaganaga O Kurraadu,” a love story directed by L.P. Ramarao and released on August 15, 2003; “Athili Sathibabu LKG,” a comedy directed by Sriivasa reddy and released on April 6, 2007; and “Adirinidayya Chandram,” a drama that came out in 2005.

When a father in Sri saw his daughter being killed, he got even. This man’s daughter was killed, but he can’t stop the killings, so he pays back two of the three people who did it. Parking, Jyothi Lakshmi, and Hello Brother are also worth mentioning.

Most people know actor Kadambari Kiran for his roles in Telugu movies, which he has done a lot of. Srinivasa Reddy’s 2005 drama Adirindayya Chandram, in which he starred with Sivaji, Laya, and Sangeetha, was his first film role. Anaganaga O Kurraadu was directed by L.P. Ramarao.

He also played a supporting role in the movie Athili Sattibabu LKG in 2007. Both the love story MalliRaava from 2017 and the comedy Sammohanam from 2015 feature him in important roles (2018). He has a part in Itlu Anjali, a 2021 crime thriller by Naveen Mannela.

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