Chitram Seenu’s Kalapuram Telugu Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Kalapuram Telugu Movie Review: Satyam Rajesh is one of the best-known actors in Tollywood, and he has played many different roles in the past. But in his next movie, Kalapuram, he will play the lead role for the first time. After Pawan Kalyan showed the teaser, the movie became more popular, and it came out today, August 26, 2022. Let’s jump right into the review to find out if the movie is worth seeing.


Kalapuram Movie Review


When a man who wants to make movies can’t find a producer, he meets one who agrees to fund his project as long as it is filmed in the small town of Kalapuram. The story takes a surprising turn when the director gets involved in a gambling case. The rest of the story is about trying to figure out who did it.

Cast & Crew

The movie was made by Zee Studios and R4 Entertainments, and it stars Satyam Rajesh, Sanchitha Poonacha, Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu, Praveen Yendamuri, and Janardhan. Karuna Kumar was in charge of the direction, Prasad G.K. was in charge of the cinematography, Manisharma was in charge of the music, and S.B. Raju Talari was in charge of the editing.

Movie Name Kalapuram
Director Karuna Kumar
Music Director Manisharma
Producer Zee Studios & R4 Entertainments.
Genre Comedy Drama
Cast Satyam Rajesh, Sanchitha Poonacha, Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu, Praveen Yendamuri, and Janardhan
Editor S.B. Raju Talari

Movie Verdict

Even though Kalapuram has a lot of well-known comedians, the plot is interesting because it’s mostly about people who are struggling to make movies. But besides that, there are many other parts of the movie that don’t really interest you.

Well, the beginning of the movie is interesting because it shows how hard it is for the director to find a producer, but then it goes into a regular commercial zone with nonsensical comedy and characters that don’t add anything to the story. The second half of the movie is more interesting because Satyam Rajesh starts making a movie in Kalapuram village, but it doesn’t keep you interested for long, and the ending is predictable.

Jabaradast Apparao does a good job with his role, Chitram Seenu is fine, and the rest of the actors did a great job with what the plot required of them. Satyam Rajesh shines in his role, and his performance shows how good he is.

Karuna Kumar writes a story that is interesting, but he can’t bring it to life on a big screen. The screenplay should have been better, and he can’t capture the main feeling of the movie.

Technically, Kalapuram is fine. The visuals by Prasad G.K. are mostly good, the background music by Manisharma saved the movie, and the rest of the technical departments did a good job.

Lastly, Kalapuram is a movie you can watch once if you don’t have anything else to watch.

Rating: 3/5

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