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Kranti Review: Dashan was most recently seen in the film Robert, which was criticised for its poor financial performance at the box office but lauded for the technical perfection of its production. Now, he’s back with a brand-new action drama film titled “Kranti,” which was released not too long ago. The songs have generated a great deal of buzz around the upcoming film, and when the teaser trailer was released, it got people even more enthusiastic. But the movie has only just been released today, so let’s not waste any time and dive right into the review to find out if it’s worth seeing.


Kranti Review


Despite the fact that his father owns several schools, Kranti (Darshan) is a carefree guy. However, he is powerless when a politician takes over his father’s schools. After a long absence, he reappears as a wealthy individual who embarks on a career in the education sector with the intention of liberating his father’s schools from the control of politicians. Will Kranti, in the end, acquire control of the educational institutions? The audience needs to be shown in the movie how he got to be so wealthy.

Cast & Crew

Darshan, Rachitha Ram, Dr. V Ravichandran & Sumalatha, and others star in this movie, which was directed by V Harikrishna and filmed by Karunakar. Other cast members include: Dr. V Ravichandran & Sumalatha. A, V Harikrishna was the one who wrote the film’s score, and Shylaja Nag and B Suresha, working under the aegis of Media House Studio, were the ones who produced the movie.

Movie Name Kranti
Director V Harikrishna
Music Director V Harikrishna
Producer Shylaja Nag & B Suresha
Genre Action Drama
Cast Darshan, Rachitha Ram, Dr. V Ravichandran & Sumalatha, and others
Cinematography Karunakar. A

Movie Verdict

Our tough star Darshan’s film Kranti did a good job of integrating educational backdrop films with a commercial feature, which is a difficult task that is not new for an Indian audience but is accomplished fairly effectively in this film. The movie begins in the same manner as a typical commercial film, with a hero making his entrance and establishing his character. The first half of the movie follows a templet-based screenplay with songs; these scenes include a love track, comedic moments, and conflict with the antagonist. There are also a few dialogues about education.

The real story starts in the second half, when we learn about Kranti’s past and how it relates to schools. This keeps us interested in the story for a while. The second half also has some interesting parts about education, but too many commercials make us feel bored.

Darshan as Kranti performs an adequate job, as this character doesn’t stretch him at all, but he entertains with his swag. Rachitha Ram also does little to distinguish herself in her role, but she manages to win over a small percentage of viewers with her bubbly performance.

V Harikrishna is in charge of directing the movie. He gives it an interesting setting but doesn’t do a great job of showing it because he mostly focused on Darshan instead of the story. Some of his writing is good, though, and the conversations about education make us think. Technically, Kranti looks good. Karunakar A’s Visuals made it look even better, and V. Harikrishna himself scored the music. His songs aren’t great, but he liked the background score. The rest of the technical team did their best to tell the story.

Kranti is, all things considered, a respectable commercial film that is suitable for viewing by a select group of moviegoers.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Darshan
  • Background Score
  • Few Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Narration
  • Cinematography
  • Performances
  • Predictable screenplay

Rating: 3/5

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