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Laatti Movie Review: Vishal began acting in Tamil, despite his family’s origin in Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh. When the Telugu version of “Pandem Kodi,” which was a huge success, gained popularity, nearly all of Vishal’s films were dubbed into Telugu. Even if his movies used to make people happy, the fact that they haven’t generated any money in theatres recently is a catastrophe. His most recent film, “Laatti,” has just been released in theatres. Continue reading for a detailed analysis of the film to find out if it could help him overcome the terrible luck that has plagued his career.


Laatti Movie Review


Muruganantham is a police officer who is known for his dedication to his job and his integrity in all circumstances. He is married to Kavitha and the father of a school-aged child. When Murugunatham and his 10-year-old son are imprisoned in a building and must escape, they must do it while being pursued by an irate mob.

Cast & Crew

Vishal is the lead performer in the film Laatti, although Sunaina, Prabhu, Munishkanth, Thalaivasaal Vijay, and Misha Goshal are all excellent. A. Vinoth Kumar is the director, and Ramana and Nandaa are the producers for Rana Productions. This film’s soundtrack was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Balakrishna Thota and Balasubramanian contribute to the cinematography.

Movie Name Laatti
Director A Vinoth Kumar
Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer Ramana & Nandaa
Genre Action, Drama
Cast Vishal, Sunaina, Prabhu, Munishkanth, Thalaivasal Vijay, Misha Goshal
Cinematography Balasubramanian & Balakrishna Thota

Movie Verdict

Vishal’s films are wildly famous in Telugu states because their subjects appeal to a diverse audience. This was effective for a few years, but everything has changed now that consumers can watch movies in other languages and with diverse types of content on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. People may be thrilled about fresh narrative elements even before the trailer is released.

Laatti is a commercial film that adheres to a predetermined structure and seeks for a large audience, but it fails to connect with them until the second half. In the first half of the film, there is nothing new, and the majority of situations are somewhat dull. Only in the second half of the film does the action become truly thrilling and keep us riveted to the screen due to well-choreographed action sequences. Aside from this extended action sequence, the rest of the film initially appears to be rather average.

Vishal is one of the most talented actors in the industry. This is evident from the numerous films he has appeared in. However, directors appear to view him more as an action hero who can perform incredible stunts than as a passionate actor. His role in this film is simple, and he is not given any new opportunities to demonstrate his acting abilities. Even though Sunaina’s screen time was little, she performed admirably within that time. The child who played Vishal’s son was quite entertaining to see. All of the actors, including Prabhu, performed their roles in a manner consistent with the plot.

The way Laatti appears is adequate. The music and score composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja are satisfactory. He enhanced some of the movie’s most intense scenes with his background music. Even though Balasubramanian and Balakrishna Thota’s cinematography isn’t superb (most of the photos appear to have too much colour), they deserve credit for attempting to depict a lengthy conflict in a single incomplete building. The best portion of the film is the battle scenes, which were composed by Peter Hein. The standard of manufacture is satisfactory.

Vinoth Kumar is the new director of the organization. The way he handled several crucial events in the film demonstrated his lack of knowledge. Even if he was unable to make people laugh with his remarks, he was able to create dramatic and powerful action sequences that kept viewers captivated until the finish.

The battle scenes in the drama-action film Laatti are well-executed overall. If you enjoy watching Vishal in action, this film is easily accessible in theatres.

Plus Points:

  • Fights
  • Vishal

Minus Points:

  • Routine scenes
  • Cinematography
  • Direction

Rating: 2.5/5

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