Love Mouli Movie Review

Actor Navdeep made his big-screen debut as Love Mouli’s protagonist following a protracted hiatus. Identifying himself as Navdeep 2.0, he began. The spectators are quite excited about the promotional material, so let’s see how the movie turns out.


adoration The tale of Mouli is one of pure love. Because of his troubled past, Mouli doesn’t think that love exists. Suddenly he can use his magical painting brush to create a woman he desires. The remainder of the story tells how Chitra enters his life and how everything changes.

Love Mouli has a straightforward plot, but the way it’s told sets the movie apart. Despite its gorgeous settings, the slow-moving screenplay in the first half bores us. Up to the finale, the second half of the novel keeps us interested and cranks up the pace.

Love Mouli is good technically; props to location scouts. Meghalaya served as the shooting venue for most of the movie, and the settings were amazing. Govind Vasantha’s music is good but lacks impact, whereas Ajay Sivasanker’s photography is excellent.

Bravo to Navdeep for taking on this daring topic. The greatest thing about the movie is his portrayal, which he tried his hardest at. The remaining cast members gave it their all, but Pankhuri Gidwani truly shone in her part. We are shocked by Rana Daggubati’s cameo.

Avaneendra, the director, went with a straightforward plot but gave it a highly unique presentation. Even with his slow narration, he was able to hold the audience’s attention. Love Mouli is a watchable film overall, though not for everyone.