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Mukhachitram Movie Review In Telugu: After obtaining a National Award for his first film, “Colour Photo,” director Sandeep Raj shifted to writing scripts before directing his second film, “Mukhachitram.” The movie’s stars had already sparked people’s interest, and the trailer worked to increase that excitement. Today’s film debut generated a great deal of expectation. Let’s immediately evaluate the quality of this movie.


Mukhachitram Movie Review In Telugu


Dr. Raj (Vikar Vasista), who married Mahathi instead of Maya (Ayesha Khan), appears to be adhering to his original plan. In an accident, Mahathi is knocked unconscious, and Maya’s face is injured. This completely changes Raj’s life. Also instructive is Raj’s reaction when he realized Maya had returned with Mahathi’s surgically altered face.

Cast & Crew

The most prominent actors and actresses were Vikas Vasista, Vishwak Sen, Priya Vadlamani, Chaitanya Rao, and Ayesha Khan. Sandeep Raj was responsible for the writing, direction, photography, and music of the film. The soundtrack was composed by Kaala Bhairava, the editing was performed by Pavan Kalyan Kodati, and Sreenivas Bejugam was responsible for the camera work. Mohan S. Rajan and Pradeep Yadav directed this film in collaboration.

Movie Name Mukhachitram
Director Gangadhar
Music Director Kaala Bhairava
Producer Pradeep Yadav, and Mohan Yella
Genre Drama Thriller
Cast Vikas Vasista, Vishwak Sen, Priya Vadlamani, Chaitanya Rao, and Ayesha khan
Cinematography Sreenivas Bejugam

Movie Verdict

Maya and Raj, the film’s primary protagonists, are introduced, and their love story is explained within the first few minutes. When Mahathi (who portrays Ra) endures two horrifying events in the second act of the film, the first act of the film acquires a new degree of intensity. The only exciting feature of Mukhchitram is the film’s trailer, which is a massive disappointment.

The courtroom drama’s attempts to prove Raj’s innocence fail, but Vishwak Sen captivates the audience. Unfortunately, the second half of the film fails to impress us as much as the first. The first half continues where the second left off. It is exciting to see how Maya’s face was exchanged with Mahathi’s and why she sued Raj to get retribution.

Priya Vadlamani played Mahathi admirably due of the complexity she gave to the role. Ayesha Khan performed the character of Maya admirably, however Chaitanya Rao, who is well-known for his role in the television series 31 Weds 21, failed to impress with his acting and delivery. Cinema Bandi features a solid performance by Vikas Vasista as Raj, but there is always potential for development. He was the best driver in a distant region.

Although Sandeep Raj may have created a more engaging screenplay, the film’s linear screenplay made it challenging for first-time filmmaker Gangadhar to convey the plot. Neither Gangadhar’s direction nor Sandeep Raj’s writing were able to attract or astound the audience.

Mukhachitram was, in our judgment, barely adequate. While Kaala Bhairava‘s score and Sreenivas Bejugam’s camerawork are unremarkable, the rest of the cast and crew performed an excellent job meeting the film’s requirements.

If you have nothing else planned for the weekend, I recommend looking out Mukhachitram because it contains a variety of catchy songs. You have no other option except to gently decline their offer.

Plus Points:

  • The core point
  • Few Scenes

Minus Points:

  • Linear Screenplay
  • Predictable Scenes
  • Routine Story

Rating: 2.5/5

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