Nindha Movie Review: Patience Pays Off in This Thriller

Fame from the Happy Days movie After a lengthy hiatus, Varun Sandesh is back with the film Nindha. It is said that Nindha is an investigative thriller with tension.


Throughout his career, Varun Sandesh has never worked on a movie like this. He does, nonetheless, exude extreme confidence in the movie’s outcome. Today marks the official release of the movie. Let’s examine the review and determine if it is a worthwhile viewing.

The narrative centers on the horrific murder of a little girl named Manju in the town of Kandrakota. Balaraju (Chatrapathi Shekar) arrests police. (Tanikella Bharani) Judge Satyanandam sentences him to death. When Satyanandam finds out that Balaraju isn’t a criminal, the situation changes. Ultimately, the film revolves around his son Vivek (Varun Sandesh), an officer of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), solving the case.

The movie contains some strong scenes that keep us interested in the plot even though the writing has its share of highs and lows. Even with the slow-burning narrative, the film does not have many well-placed twists.

Varun Sandesh made an impression as Vivek with his understated acting. Annie of Rajanna fame, Chatrapthi Shekar, and Tanikella Bharani all performed admirably. While Omkar’s background score is terrific in spots, it might have been far better, and Ramiz’s cinematography is excellent throughout.

This film was presented by debut filmmaker Rajesh Jagannath, who did a respectable job. Even though this screenplay included errors, he was nevertheless able to hold the attention of the audience. Nindha is a passable thriller overall, despite its plodding narration.