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Pathaan Review: Shah Rukh Khan hasn’t appeared on screen in a substantial role for more than 4 years. Though he only had a few cameo appearances in movies, his fans have been patiently waiting to see him on film for a very long time. Expectations for the movie Pathaan skyrocketed with the publication of the teaser and trailer, despite some controversy around the song “Besharam Rang.” After over 4 years, Pathaan has finally been released in theatres. Let’s evaluate this film in depth to see if Shah Rukh Khan is able to deliver a blockbuster.


Pathaan Review


An exiled former RAW field agent named Pathaan has been charged with eliminating “Outfit X,” a clandestine terrorist organisation that is preparing a nuclear attack against India. The rest of the story is about how Pathaan handled the crisis and prevented the largest attack on India.

Cast & Crew

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham play the main characters in the film Pathaan, which also features Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana, Siddhant Ghegadmal, Gautam Rode, Gavie Chahal, and Shaji Choudhary in supporting roles. Siddharth Anand is the director of this film, and Aditya Chopra is the producer under the Yash Raj Films brand.

Satchith Paulose served as the film’s director of photography, and Vishal & Sheykhar composed the music. The dialogue for this film was written by Abbas Tyrewala, and Shridhar Raghavan wrote the script. The movie’s editor is Aarif Sheikh. 

Movie Name Pathaan
Director Siddharth Anand
Music Director Vishal & Sheykhar
Producer Aditya Chopra
Genre Action, Thriller, Drama
Cast Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham
Cinematography  Satchith Paulose


Many Indians have an infatuation with big-name entertainment. Fans constantly strive to catch their favourite actors in the movies, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the plot or production. One such movie is Pathaan, which is worth seeing just for Shah Rukh Khan’s magnificent screen presence. The film also has some breath-taking graphics and action scenes that will keep theatergoers entertained.

The plot of this film has been seen in a lot of previously released films. An agent overcoming many obstacles to aid his nation in escaping a terrible crisis, and so on. Shah Rukh Khan is shown in a strong part in Pathaan, which has several action scenes. There is also a special surprise in the film regarding the spyverse from Yash Raj films that can only be viewed in theatres.

Shah Rukh Khan, as usual, did his utmost to delight the audience with his acting and manner, however in a few situations, the actor’s styling comes off as strange. Although Deepika Padukone has performed the necessary duties for the part, she lacks all appeal in this film. Although his acting was adequate, John Abraham looked good throughout the action scenes. The other actors all performed their roles as needed for the characters.

The Pathaan movie looks good technically. Although the songs by Vishal & Sheykhar are wonderful, they could feel out of place and disrupt the movie’s rhythm. One of the film’s standout features is the cinematography by Satchith Paulose. For the spectator, the fights created by Casey O’Neill, Craig Macrae, and Sunil Rodrigues [ROD] are a visual feast. Although Yash Raj films have good production values, the VFX should have been given a little more attention.

Once more, director Siddharth Anand aimed to produce a pure action film with a straightforward plot. Although his production has a few impressive action scenes, the story and screenplay are destined to fall flat.

The action scenes in Pathaan are masterfully choreographed and will undoubtedly delight SRK fans.

Plus Points:

  • Action Scenes
  • Cinematography
  • Shah Rukh Khan

Minus Points:

  • Weak story
  • Screenplay
  • VFX

Rating: 2.75/5

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