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Pitchers Season 2 Review: The production business The Viral Fever consistently produces some of the most adored and watched series each year. Many young people were inspired to pick their careers and gain some bravery in their lives by a few programs that The Viral Fever produced. The show “Pitchers” is one example. Many young people in the nation found inspiration in this show’s first season. The second season of this show has recently been revealed, and it is now streaming on the OTT platform Zee5 as of right now. Let’s examine this season 2 in detail to determine whether its creators were successful in creating the same enchantment as they did with season 1.


Pitchers Season 2 Review


Pitchers’ first season centers on the four main characters Naveen Bansal, Jitendra Maheshwari, Saurabh Mandal, and Yogendra Pandey, all of whom are unsatisfied with their boring jobs because they pay so little even though they work so hard. They consciously decide to start their own company and begin working for their passion. Even if their strategy is approved, they are unable to gather sufficient funding from investors. The second season will concentrate on the lives of the protagonists after they have started their startup and it has expanded.

Cast & Crew

The second season of Pitchers stars Naveen Kasturia, Abhishek Banerjee, Ridhi Dogra, Arunabh Kumar, and others. Pitchers’ current season is being directed by Vaibhav Bundhoo and produced by Arunabh Kumar. Vaibhav Bundhoo is also responsible for the series cinematography and music composition.

Series Name Pitchers (Season 2)
Director Vaibhav Bundhoo, Arunabh Kumar
Music Director Vaibhav Bundhoo
Producer Arunabh Kumar
Genre Comedy, Drama
Cast Naveen Kasturia, Abhishek Banerjee, Ridhi Dogra, Arunabh Kumar, Abhay Mahajan
Cinematography Vaibhav Bundhoo

Series Verdict

Only ideas that truly go viral among young people are picked up by TVF. Pitchers season one depicted young people building up their own startup businesses, the challenges they encountered along the way, and the people they met while looking for funding. These problems are incredibly relatable to every entrepreneur who has tried to launch their own business. Every friend group can relate to the series’ four major protagonists, even though some of their traits are the same.

Season 2 opens with Naveen and his buddies launching a new business called Pragathi. However, after making a few agreements that almost caused them to shut down, they manage to calm down. This series is made more intriguing by the efforts Naveen, Saurabh Mandal, and Yogendra Pandey undertake to reach the goal and get their business back on track. Many people are unsure of Jithu’s role in this season, and we don’t want to ruin your anticipation by giving anything away. To find out if this much-loved character will return in season 2, you must watch every episode.

When it comes to acting, Naveen Kasturia, who played the lead part, delivered a very natural performance, similar to that of season 1. Abhay Mahajan, who amused viewers in season 1 with his comedic timing and one-liners, did it once more this season. The series creator, Arunabh Kumar, also played a significant role as the easily agitated Yogendra Pandey. He portrayed his part with greater sincerity. Similar to season 1, Abhishek Banerjee is featured in a cameo role. In those few sequences, he performed admirably. The other actors all performed their roles as needed for the program.

Pitchers, Season 2 appears good technically. Vaibhav Bundhoo’s music seemed to be appropriate for the activities. Vaibhav Bundhoo is also in charge of this season’s cinematography. As this series is a straightforward comedic drama, there are no extra visual effects, but the cinematography looks good given the constrained shooting locales. Each episode’s runtime is brief, adding to the season’s positives and likely the result of expertly done editing. Few episodes have excellently constructed dialogue. The level of production is appropriate for this season’s story.

Once again, the directors Vaibhav Bundhoo and Arunabh Kumar were successful in creating a high-caliber television program that allowed viewers to empathise to the characters onscreen. They deserve praise for their excellent writing, which is devoid of most of the series’ vulgarity and profanity.

Pitchers season 2 is, all in all, another intriguing and endearing TVF production that keeps us inspired with some thought-provoking conversation and scenarios. Without a second thought, stream this captivating series on the OTT platform Zee5.

Plus Points:

  • Lead actors
  • Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Linear screenplay
  • Few lags

Rating: 3/5

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