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Raksha Bandhan Movie Review: People are upset about the number of remakes and biopics shot in Hindi that have been released in recent months. When the business was in trouble, Akshay Kumar was always there with blockbusters, whereas many of the big-league actors failed to do so. Actors like Bachchan Pandey and Samrat Prithviraj have had to deal with box office disasters. “Raksha Bandhan” is Akshay Kumar and Aanand L Rai’s second collaboration, following the OTT hit of “Atrangi Re.” With a lot of good publicity and anticipation, the film opened today in theatres. If you want to know if this movie is worth your time, we’ll dive right into the review.


Raksha Bandhan Movie Review


As the eldest and only son of four sisters, Lala Kedarnath has taken over the family business. He pledges his mother, who is dying, that he will wed only after he has fulfilled his obligation to place his sisters in loving homes. While maintaining his family’s values, Lala’s efforts to marry off his sisters continue. At the same time, Lala is experiencing difficulties in his relationship with Sapna, the girl he first fell in love with as a child. The development of Lala and Sapna’s love story is hampered by Lala’s loyalty to his sisters. She resolves to delay her purpose until Lala’s vow has been fulfilled, realizing the gravity of it.

Cast & Crew

Other notable actors and actresses include Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar, along with Deepika Khanna and Sahil Mehta. Sadia Khateeb and Shivam Gaur also star. Aanand L Rai is the director and Himanshu Sharma is the producer of film. The soundtrack was composed by Himesh Reshammiya. The film’s cinematographer is KU Mohanan. Hemal Kothari is the editor.

Movie Name Raksha Bandhan
Director Aanand L Rai
Music Director Himesh Reshammiya
Producers Aanand L Rai, Himanshu Sharma
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Cast Akshay Kuma, Bhumi Pednekar, Sadia khateeb, Deepika Khanna, Smriti Srikanth, Sahil Mehta, Shivam Gaur
Editor Hemal Kothari


Raksha Bandhan is a breath of fresh air on the big screen after a string of dreadful remakes and biopics. There are a few situations in the film that will leave us speechless, even if the plot is well-known and has been around for a long time. The movie features a few well-executed comic situations that are likely to bring a smile to the faces of the audience.

Although Akshay Kumar’s portrayal of Lala is rather standard in terms of appearance and acting, the actor really shines in a handful of the more emotionally charged situations. Maybe the actor should focus on roles that are more difficult for him to play. Despite her small involvement, Bhumi was able to deliver a strong performance in a few brief scenes. Sadia Khateeb, who previously wowed audiences in Shikara with her performance as a sister, stands out among the cast members who took on the role. The rest of the cast did an excellent job, too.

The film’s visuals are impressive. Songs by Himesh Reshammiya are a mixed bag, although the background music in some sequences can be a little too over-the-top. KU Mohnan, the film’s cinematographer, performed a wonderful job, and the images are vibrant throughout. Aanand L Rai, a master in dealing with emotional content, once again succeeded in doing so and making the viewer feel connected to the characters on screen..

Lastly, Raksha Bandhan is an emotional drama that is a little age-old, yet has components that will resonate with the viewers.

Rating: 3/5

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