Rama Seetha Ekkada(Zee Telugu) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Rama Seetha Ekkada (Zee Telugu) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: Rama Seethekkada, a Telugu mega-serial, is shown every day at 8 p.m. on Zee Telugu from Monday through Friday. The two protagonists at the centre of the narrative are Meenakshi and Vasudev. It is, in essence, the story of a rural girl. Her struggle and life after getting married to a sadist are central to this drama. An approved remake of the Hindi television program Dil Se Hi Dua Saubhagyavati Bhava exists.


Rama Seetha EkkadaMeenakshi marries a controlling and abusive man after having to face her worst fears. Her husband Vasudev appears to be a charming and attractive man to others, but things were different at home. He had an unjustifiable amount of dominance, yet he was also very well-mannered, polite, and endearing. Meenakshi was the only one who was fully aware of his cunning and irrational personality. Vasudev, a wealthy businessman, falls head over heels for her right away. She must, however, put up with extreme harshness and anguish from him after their marriage.

Rama Seetha Ekkada (Zee Telugu)

Because she cares about him, she attempts to change him but is unable to and will keep holding out hope that he may change in the future. However, she pretends to be dead and flees on her own since she can’t bear to see Vasudev suffer. Vasudev is shocked to learn about his wife’s dying. Meenakshi adopts the false identity of Janaki and starts to live as her. Her uncle’s daughter, who became her rescuer, changed her into a strong woman who can handle her anxieties. Raghuram’s finance brother falls in love the moment he sees Janaki. She will never be aware of this, though. Janaki stays at Raghuram’s house to help care for his ailing mother. She soon becomes liked and regarded as a member of the family in Raghuram’s home.

Rama Seetha Ekkada Cast

Vasudev Rao as Vasudev

Rama Seetha Ekkada

Preethi Srinivas as Meenamma

Rama Seetha Ekkada

Rama Seetha Ekkada Timings

A new TV show called Rama Seetha Ekkada is reportedly set to premiere on Zee Telugu later this month. Although the show’s details haven’t been made public yet, there are numerous reports that it will air during Muddu Bidda’s former time slot. The connection between a woman and her husband, as well as the ups and downs in each of their lives, are the subject of the serial. Soon, we should receive additional details.

Channel Name Zee Telugu
Serial Timings 8:00 P.M (Monday- Friday)
Running Time 22 Minutes
Starting Date 25 August 2014
Language Telugu
Country India

Rama Seetha Ekkada  Story

Finding out that Meenakshi is still alive, Vasudev searches for her. With the help of Nithya, the daughter of an influential politician, he develops plays. However, Nithya starts to feel something for Vasudev and wants to get rid of Meenakshi and Raghuram. Janaki agrees to marry Raghuram since he is a wonderful man and tells the truth about her past. Raghuram’s family, however, has a favorable opinion of Vasudev and works to help him get along with Janaki.

Vasudev is portrayed by Telugu actor Vasudev Rao, and Meenakshi is portrayed by Preeti Srinivas. Vasudev Rao has 16 years of experience in the television industry; before that, he was a model and appeared in well-known serials like Yuva. In addition, he competed in the 2002 Men’s Beauty Pageant as a finalist. Preeti Srinivas is a Bharathanatyam dancer, actor, and former psychotherapist. She made an appearance in the well-known Pella Pandiri television series by Kodi Ramakrishna.

Serial Name Rama Seetha Ekkada
Genre Soap Opera
Starting Date 25 August 2014
End Date 9 December 2017
No.of Episodes 1,021
Timings Mon to Fri  8:00 P.M
Run Time 22 min
Channel Zee Telugu
Language Telugu
Director Puli Vasu
producers NA
Production House NA

One of the most well-known family drama television series is Rama Seetha Ekkada, which has a large family audience that eagerly awaits its broadcast.

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