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Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Movie Review: Panja Vaishnav Tej, who is an actor from the Mega family, made a great start with the movie “Uppena.” Kondapolam, the second movie that Vaishnav Tej made with Krish, was panned by critics. Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga, a romantic comedy with Vaishnav Tej in the lead role, opened today, September 2, 2022. So you don’t have to sit around and wonder if this movie is any good, I’ll tell you right now if I think it’s worth seeing in a theatre or not.

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga Movie Review


Rishi and Radha used to be best friends, but something went wrong and made them hate each other. They have decided to stay quiet until one of them finally speaks up about a small fight they had when they were kids. Even though their families are close, Rishi and Radha’s egos are growing as they try to solve the problem between the two teens. Even though they were both angry and proud at first, Rishi and Radha fell in love.


Cast & Crew

Panja Vaishnav Tej and Ketika Sharma play the main characters in the movie Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga. Naveen Chandra, Subbaraju, Ali, Prabhu, Naresh, Satya, Rajkumar Kasireddy, and Harshini also play parts in the movie. The movie was directed by Gireeshaaya, and BVSN Prasad was in charge of making it. Devi Sri Prasad wrote the score for the movie, and Shamdat Sainudeen was in charge of the camera.

Movie Name Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga
Director Gireeshaaya
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
Producer BVSN Prasad
Genre Family, Drama, Romance
Cast Panja Vaishnav Tej, Ketika Sharma,  Naveen Chandra, Subbaraju, Ali, Prabhu, Naresh, Satya, Rajkumar Kasireddy, Harshini
Cinematography Shamdat Sainudeen

Movie Verdict

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga starts right away with the story. Stories like this are common in Telugu movies. The characters have been at odds with each other since they were young, but something unexpected changes the way they see each other, and they end up at odds with the families of the other person. The plot of Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga is neither new nor interesting. On the other hand, this movie has everything a family audience could want: songs, fights, complicated family relationships, love, and friendship. In either the first or second act, there are no exciting new scenes that would make a first-time viewer want to see more.

Even though Panja Vaishnav Tej’s acting in his first movie didn’t leave much of an impression, he really bombed here. He needs to work harder on his acting skills because he always uses the same line. Even though Ketika Sharma looks like a doll, she isn’t very good on stage. The job Naveen Chandra was given was done well enough. Both Naresh and Prabhu, who have been acting for a long time, did a great job in their roles. Satya and Rajkumar Kasireddy laugh together for a short time. Actors like Harshini did the scenes exactly as they were written.

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga isn’t any better than average in terms of how it looks. Devi Sri Prasad is a musical phenomenon who writes forgettable songs. In his most recent movies, he uses the music from the songs he wrote for the movie as background music instead of writing new music for each scene. Shamdat Sainudeen does a good job with the cinematography. Some of the shots look lively, but others may be uncomfortable because the colours are too strong. The movie turned out well because BVSN Prasad gave the director a lot of room to work.

Even though the Tamil version of “Arjun Reddy” did well, director Gireeshaaya couldn’t come up with anything new to show Telugu speakers. Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga has everything it needs to appeal to a family audience, but the story and the way it is told are boring.

Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga is an average family and love comedy that you should only watch once.

Plus Points:

Production Values

Few emotional and comedy scenes

Minus Points:

Lead actors



Rating: 3/5

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