Sasi Madhanam Web Series Review

Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh need no introduction, having entertained audiences for years with their YouTube videos.


The duo has now ventured into the OTT space with their series, “Sasi Madanam,” which is currently streaming on ETV Win. Here’s a look at the series.

The standout feature of “Sasi Madanam” is the palpable chemistry between Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh, enhanced by effective comedic moments.

The story revolves around Madhan (played by Pavan Sidhu) and Sasi (played by Soniya Singh), a couple in a long-term relationship. The plot thickens when on the day Sasi’s parents are away for a wedding, Madhan visits her home, only for the parents to unexpectedly return.

While a few of the six episodes deliver genuine laughs, others suffer from contrived emotions and unnecessary scenes.

Both Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh deliver natural performances. On the technical front, the series is commendable, with Sinjith Yerramilli’s music being a highlight and Rehan Shaik’s contributions being solid.

Overall, “Sasi Madanam” offers a few enjoyable moments, making it worth a watch.