Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 List

Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022: Are you searching for upcoming Telugu movies in Spark OTT platform? then, you are at the right place. OTT List has the complete list of movies that has been scheduled for digital release in various platforms including Spark OTT platform. There are many new movies that has been scheduled for direct OTT release in Telugu on Spark. On this page, you will find the list of upcoming Telugu movies on Spark OTT platform.


spark ott upcoming telugu movies 2022

Sagar Machanuru is the CEO of Spark OTT platform and it has been backed by director RGV with his movies and web series. The OTT has received 1,21,986 subscribers registrations in just 12 hours of the launch. Here is the list of Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022.

Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 List

Besides acquiring the latest Telugu movies, Spark OTT also has its own originals that made exclusively for the OTT platform that includes Disha Encounter, Sunil’s Kanabadutaledhu, Cab Stories, RGV’s Idi Mahabharatham Kaadu, India’s first lesbian crime/action film ‘Dangerous’, RGV Missing, Tablet, Ramuism Series with Swapna, etc. In the coming days we can see a lot of Telugu movies, Telugu web series and originals on Spark OTT platform.

Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 are Kanabadutaledu, God Father, Roshagadu, Radio Madhav and many others. The Spark OTT platform is highly concentrating to be one of the top 5 OTT platforms in Telugu. In order to achieve its goal the the Spark OTT owners are acquiring the rights of Telugu dubbed movies of other languages mainly Malayalam and Tamil. Also, Spark has exclusive library of Spark Originals and Series.

Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

Below are the list of new Telugu movies available on Spark OTT platform in Telugu audio.

Movie Name OTT Release Date
Kanabadutaledu September 17, 2022
God Father September 12, 2022
Roshagadu September 10, 2022
Kanabadutaledu September 10, 2022
Dhoolpet September 08, 2022
Ayogya September 07, 2022
Kavacham September 06, 2022
Radio Madhav September 04, 2022
Petromax September 03, 2022
Anaganaga O Premakatha September 01, 2022
Lover August 26, 2022
Sapthagiri LLB August 24, 2022
MoneyShe June 18, 2022
Fear June 12, 2022
Cab Stories May 28, 2022
D Company May 15, 2022

Spark OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

We all know Aha Video is leading in the OTT industry and it is one of the Top 3 OTT players for Telugu content now. Aha has achieved this mark just within 1 year of its launch. Similarly, Spark OTT platform is trying to maintain the same theory in acquiring the Telugu dubbing rights of other language movies as well as introducing new content with Spark Originals and series.

Saprk OTT platform is always a way forward in coming up with the fresh content. The OTT has already acquired several movies which are lined-up for OTT release in the next three months. Below you can find the list of Spark OTT upcoming movies in Telugu.

Telugu Dubbed Movies List:

Below is the list of Spark OTT Telugu dubbed movies list.

  • Petromax
  • Radio Madhav
  • Roshagadu
  • God Father
  • Ayogya
  • Dhoolpet

Spark OTT Originals List:

Below is the list of Spark OTT Originals List.

  • Kanabadutaledu
  • MoneyShe
  • D Company
  • Cab Stories

Spark OTT Plans and Pricing:

The Spark OTT platforms comes with 3 months and 1 year subscription plans. The 3 months plans comes for Rs.149.00/ Quarterly while the annual plan comes for just INR 399.00/ Yearly.

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