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The Gray Man Movie Review: “The Gray Man” is the most-awaited movie to come out of Hollywood in years. Along with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dhanush was a big part of what got Indian audiences interested. The Russo Brothers, who are known for their work on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, are in charge of making this movie. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, let’s start with the full review.


The Gray Man Movie Review


A sociopathic former coworker puts a bounty on the head of the most skilled CIA agent, causing international mercenaries to search the world for him. Agent Court Gentry, who goes by the code name “Sierra Six,” is THE GRAY MAN. Gentry was hired by Donald Fitzroy when he was in federal prison for murder. He was a highly-skilled, Agency-approved death dealer who was serving time for murder. But now the situation has changed, and Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA agent who would do anything to kill Six, is on the hunt around the world. Dani Miranda, an FBI agent, is on their side.

Cast & Crew

This romantic comedy stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Dhanush, Ana de Armas, and Jessica Henwick. The movie was directed by the Russo Brothers, and Chris Castaldi and Jeff Kirschenbaum were in charge of making it. Henry Jackman did the music, Stephen F. Windon did the photography, and Jeff Groth and Pietro Scalia did the editing.

Movie Name The Gray Man
Director Russo Brothers
Music Director Henry Jackman
Producer Chris Castaldi, Jeff Kirschenbaum
Genre Action, Thriller
Cast Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Dhanush, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick
Editor Jeff Groth and Pietro Scalia


Most Hollywood action movies are about a secret agent and the problems he or she faces. The Gray Man is a lot like a James Bond movie in that it moves at a very fast pace and is full of action. This movie has some great performances and action scenes, but it seems to follow a standard formula. Most of the scenes can be guessed by the average moviegoer, and only a few of them keep the audience’s attention.

Ryan Gosling as Sierra Six and Chris Evans as the cold-blooded and crazy Lloyd Hansen are a perfect match. Ana de Armas and Jessica Henwick were both great in the roles they played. The way Dhanush plays Avik San may not live up to what the audience wants, since the character seems underdeveloped and only shows up in a few action scenes. Fans might not be happy with his new role. All of the other actors and actresses did a great job in their parts.

When things start to get exciting, Henry Jackman’s music adds just the right amount of tension. This movie had perfect action scenes, and the production quality was about what you’d expect from a Hollywood film. The script that the Russo Brothers, who are a directing team, writing could have been better. Even though some of the important actors give great performances, it doesn’t seem to live up to the high expectations.

You can watch it for the action, but it won’t keep you on the edge of your seat.

Rating: 3/5

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