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The Warriorr Telugu Movie Review: In recent days, much has been said about Lingusamy and Ram’s collaboration on Ram’s highly anticipated film The Warrior. But since the film was initially announced, there have been tremendous expectations for it, and with the release of the trailer, those expectations have reached their peak. The film was released today, July 14, 2022, to mixed reviews. Determine whether it is worthwhile to visit.


The Warriorr Telugu Movie Review


The Warrior tells the story of Satya (Ram Pothineni), a successful police officer who receives a promotion to DSP and joins a job in Kurnool, which is controlled by a prominent criminal named Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty). Satya encounters Guru, who is engaged in unlawful activity in the city and attempts to stop him. During this time, he encounters the whistler Mahalakshmi (Kriti Shetty). However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when Staya reveals his other name. How did he approach Guru? To find out, you must see the film.

Cast & Crew

Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, Aadhi Pinnishetty, Akshara Gowda, Nadhiya Moidu, Lingusamy, Sujith Vasudev, Devi Sri Prasad, and Srinivasaa Chitturi portrayed roles in the film. The film was also produced by Chitturi.

Movie Name Happy Birthday
Director Lingusamy
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
Producer Srinivasaa Chitturi
Genre Action Drama
Cast Ram Pothineni, Krithi Shetty, Aadhi Pinnishetty, Akshara Gowda, Nadhiya Moidu
Editor Navin Nooli

Movie Verdict

The makers claim that The Warrior as Ram is not a standard police drama, and they are correct. The movie appears to be a conventional cop film because its creators wanted audiences to enjoy visiting the theatre, and I believe this strategy was successful.
The film begins by introducing the hero and his universe, followed by the antagonist. When Sathya encounters Guru, though, the film becomes exciting, but it does not hold the audience’s interest for very long. The first part of the film featured standard police against criminal confrontation. The second half is the heart and soul of the film since the story’s primary emotion is so well-placed and executed. The second half of the film is likewise well-written.
Even if the hero and heroine track disrupted the flow of the film, the heroic moment, the villain’s ascent to power, and the emotions are all effective. Nevertheless, the climax could have been stronger. Ram stated in the advertisements that we saved a number of thrilling scenes for the theatre, and those scenes would undoubtedly keep you engaged in the second half.
Ram is well-known for his parts in romantic comedies due to his extensive involvement in the genre. He has also attempted a few action films, although none of them were successful. Since working with Ismart Shankar, he has solely appeared in action films. This is the first time Ram has ever portrayed a police officer, and many of his admirers will appreciate his exciting performance in theatres.
Lingusamy is widely recognized for his elegant action films. He produced some of the finest Tamil films, including Run, Pandem Kodi, and Awara, which were also well-liked by Telugu fans. Even though Lingusami’s work contains a great deal of science, he excels at penning elegant action plays with the correct emotions, such as The Warrior. However, the film contains a few predictable situations that may have been written better. Aside from that, he does an excellent job of maintaining the audience’s interest.
Sujith Vasudev accomplished an excellent job with the technical aspects of The Warrior, as evidenced by the success of Bullet and Whistle. However, he performed poorly with the background music. Numerous sequences require powerful background music, however, he chose the same old music and the remainder of the film is loaded with bland music.
Finally, The Warrior is a paisa vasool film, which indicates that everybody who enjoys going to the movies should watch it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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