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Sidharth Malhotra has had a hard time making movies that do well because he has always picked scripts that are different from each other. Even though his first movies like “Student of the Year” and “Ek Villain” did well at the box office, all of his other movies except “Kapoor & Sons” have bombed at the Indian box office. His most recent movie, “Thank God,” also didn’t do well at the box office, and he’s about to try again with “Yodha,” which comes out in 2022.





The movie will be about a hero soldier who helps a passenger fight off a hijacker who has taken over an aeroplane. But because the plane’s engine was broken, it was very hard to make it through the ordeal. The rest of the story tells how the soldier showed great courage to get out of the situation and how the other people on the plane were able to stay alive. The movie will have a lot of exciting scenes that will keep people glued to their seats until the end.


In “Yodha,” the main roles are played by Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani. Raashi Khanna, who has been busy making south Indian movies for the past few years, has a major role in this film as well. Sharik Khan, Rahuul Chwudhary, Maneesh Verma, Abhishek Mishra, Amit Singh Thakur, Neeraj Saidawat, Jaikant Bhardwaj, Joynal, Siddharth Kumar Choudhary, Rahul Sahu, Ariyan Mehedi, and Siddhartth Raj will all play important roles in the movie “Yodha.”

The movie was made by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, and Jishnu Bhattacharjee was in charge of the cinematography. The music was written by Inder Bawra, Sunny Bawra, and Shantanu Moitray. Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Shashank Khaitan produced the film under the banners of Dharma Productions, Mentor Disciple Films, and Amazon Studios.

Sidharth Malhotra is working on promoting the movie “Mission Majnu,” which is set to debut on Netflix’s OTT platform on January 20, 2022. After the promotional events for “Mission Majnu” are over, he will finish the patch work for “Yodha,” which was originally set to come out in November 2022.


Release Date | When and Where to Watch?

The movie “Yodha” is set to come out on July 7, 2022. The movie was made with a big budget and has everything an Indian audience needs to be entertained, including a bit of suspense. The makers of the movie are planning to show it in theatres all over the world in a big way. From what we know, the digital rights price for the movie “Yodha,” which stars Sidharth Malhotra, is through the roof. This is because the movie is backed by big names like Dharma Productions.

The movie “Yodha” will have a big debut in July 2022, which will be good for the producers because it is in the middle of the year. The name of the OTT service where this movie will be available to stream will be announced soon after the movie comes out in theatres. The movie “Yodha” will have its digital debut on any OTT platform only after it has done well in theatres.


The trailer for “Yodha” hasn’t been put out yet because the movie isn’t coming out until July 7, 2022, and it will take some time to put out the trailer. The “Yodha” team, meanwhile, put out a teaser a year ago that said filming would start soon. The only thing in this announcement video is a picture of Sidharth Malhotra from a movie with a title. The video is shown below.

 Budget and Collection

“Yodha” is one of the most expensive movies Sidharth Malhotra has made. It cost around 60 crores to make. The movie’s two directors, Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, are trying to set new standards with some great visuals and fight scenes that will blow people away. The initial budget for the movie “Yodha” was around 45 crores, but the producers wanted to make it big, so they didn’t cut any corners. Sidharth Malhotra is one of the self-made actors in the country, and young people, especially girls, love him. He will easily get his money back even if the movie only gets good reviews on the first day.

Movie Review and Ratings

Sidharth Malhotra’s last movie, “Thank God,” was another flop. It was made with a big budget and has been getting bad reviews from the start. As of right now, 9,365 people had given Thank God a score of 5.7/10 on IMDb. We all know that IMDb ratings are important to a movie’s success or failure, so let’s hope that Mission Majnu, Yodha, and Sidharth Malhotra’s other upcoming movies get good reviews and ratings on IMDB.


The action-thriller movie “Yodha” is sure to be a hit when it comes out in theatres on July 7, 2022. Fans and the entire Indian film industry are excited to see Sidharth Malhotra, whose movie “Shershaah” was a big hit in 2022, on screen again.