aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List [Updated]

aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024: aha is one of the leading digital OTT platform in Telugu that offers the best and latest trending movies to its Telugu audience across the globe. Apart from new movies, the aha OTT also offers its more than 10 Million global users with wide variety of TV Shows, Originals, Web Series to saturate its premium subscribers. Apart from offering the best content, the premium subscribers will also get exclusive perks and offers also including all content from other languages without costing a separate price.

aha upcoming telugu movies 2021

Tollywood is currently holding the top place in India which produces a huge number of PAN Indian movies every year. Similarly, aha App users can find a huge number of Telugu movies 2024 being premiered on Aha App as well. Along with Telugu movies, the OTT site also offers exclusive aha Originals. Though the site has big rivals like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hot Star, ZEE and SUN NXT, most of the Telugu audience prefers aha because they feel it as the local app. aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 are Love Story, Pakka Commercial and many others.

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 List

Though Telugu content has many digital OTT platforms, Aha App always occupies the top chair in bringing the best Aha Telugu movies of 2024 and Aha Originals. The content on Aha App is relevant to all types of audiences who expect different genres of movies in Telugu. Also, viewers will get an option to watch movies from the Aha App along with the watch offline option.

Aha App is one of the popular OTT platforms in India now. Moreover, the Telugu language catalog of Aha OTT contains more movies when compared with other OTT platforms. Also, you can watch the movies using the offline option available in the app, which facilitates its users to watch the movies offline as well.

Aha Movies 2024

Name of the MovieRelease DateAha Link
My Dear Donga19 April 2024Watch on Aha
Premalu12 April 2024Watch on Aha
Kajal Karthika09 April 2024Watch on Aha
Tantra05 April 2024Watch on Aha
Double Engine29 March 2024Watch on Aha
Em Chesthunnav28 March 2024Watch on Aha
Sundaram Master28 March 2024Watch on Aha
Thika Maka Thanda25 March 2024Watch on Aha
Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana22 March 2024Watch on Aha
Mix Up15 March 2024Watch on Aha
Breathe08 March 2024Watch on Aha
Sound Party08 March 2024Watch on Aha
Ambajipeta Marriage Band01 March 2024Watch on Aha
Bootcut Balaraju26 February 2024Watch on Aha
Antony23 February 2024Watch on Aha
Bhamakalapam 216 February 2024Watch on Aha
Bubblegum09 February 2024Watch on Aha
Pindam03 February 2024Watch on Aha
Akash Vani26 January 2024Watch on Aha
Good luck Ganesha19 January 2024Watch on Aha
Lingoccha13 January 2024Watch on Aha
Kota Bommali Ps11 January 2024Watch on Aha

Aha Movies 2023

Name of the MovieRelease DateAha Link
Raakshasa Kaavyam15 December 2023Watch on Aha
Maa Oori Polimera 208 December 2023Watch on Aha
Rules Ranjann30 November 2023Watch on Aha
The Road10 November 2023Watch on Aha
Month of Madhu03 November 2023Watch on Aha
Operation Alamelamma27 October 2023Watch on Aha
Suraapanam25 October 2023Watch on Aha
Case 3024 October 2023Watch on Aha
Krishnagadu ante oka range23 October 2023Watch on Aha
Mistake13 October 2023Watch on Aha
Matti Katha13 October 2023Watch on Aha
Mr Pregnant06 October 2023Watch on Aha
The Great Indian Suicide06 October 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies September 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Dochevaarevarura29 September 2023Watch on Aha
Papam Pasivadu29 September 2023Watch on Aha
Nene Naa22 September 2023Watch on Aha
Maya Petika15 September 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies August 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Baby25 August 2023Watch on Aha
Hidimba10 August 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies July 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Samajavaragamana28 July 2023Watch on Aha
Nenu Student Sir14 July 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies June 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar (Series)30 June 2023Watch on Aha
Ninnu Chere Tarunam30 June 2023Watch on Aha
Malli Pelli23 June 2023Watch on Aha
Intinti Ramayanam23 June 2023Watch on Aha
Ranasthali16 June 2023Watch on Aha
#MenToo09 June 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies May 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Sathi Gaani Rendu Ekaralu26 May 2023Watch on Aha
Emi Sethura Linga19 May 2023Watch on Aha
CSI Sanatan12 May 2023Watch on Aha
Newsense (Series)12 May 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies April 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Vetrimaaran’s Jallikattu (Series)28 April 2023Watch on Aha
Poster28 April 2023Watch on Aha
Virgin Story21 April 2023Watch on Aha
Das Ka Dhamki14 April 2023Watch on Aha
Ottu14 April 2023Watch on Aha
I Love You Idiot07 April 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies March 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Software Blues31 March 2023Watch on Aha
House Arrest30 March 2023Watch on Aha
Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha22 March 2023Watch on Aha
Boy Friend For Hire17 March 2023Watch on Aha
Srirangapuram17 March 2023Watch on Aha
Veyi Subhamulu Kalugu Neeku10 March 2023Watch on Aha
Richie10 March 2023Watch on Aha
Vasantha Kokila03 March 2023Watch on Aha
Kranthi03 March 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies February 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
Missing25 February 2023Watch on Aha
Michael24 February 2023Watch on Aha
Lucky Lakshman17 February 2023Watch on Aha
Gaalodu17 February 2023Watch on Aha
Kalyanam Kamaneeyam17 February 2023Watch on Aha
Hunt10 February 2023Watch on Aha
Mukhachitram03 February 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies January 2023

MoviesRelease DateAha Link
18 Pages27 January 2023Watch on Aha
Driver Jamuna20 January 2023Watch on Aha

Aha Movies February 2022

 Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
96 – Telugu18th February 2022Watch on Aha
Bhama Kalapam11th February 2022Watch on Aha

Aha Movies January 2022

 Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
Arjuna Phalguna26th January 2022Watch on Aha
Hey Jude21st January 2022Watch on Aha
The American Dream14th January 2022Watch on Aha
Lakshya7th January 2022Watch on Aha
Samajavaragamana – Episode 14th January 2022Watch on Aha

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 December

 Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
Senapathi31st December 2022Watch on Aha
Laabam24th December 2022Watch on Aha
Anubhavinchu Raja17th December 2022Watch on Aha
Pushpaka Vimanam10th December 2022Watch on Aha
Manchi Rojulochaie3rd December 2022Watch on Aha

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 November

 Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
Romantic26th November 2022Watch on Aha
Most Eligible Bachelor19th November 2022Watch on Aha
3 Roses – Web Series12th November 2022Watch on Aha
Unstoppable with NBK4th November 2022Watch on Aha

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 October

 Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
Alludu Garu29th October 2022Watch on Aha
Sarkaar28th October 2022Watch on Aha
Love Story22nd October 2022Watch on Aha
Cold Case8th October 2022Watch on Aha
Orey Bammardi1st October 2022Watch on Aha

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 September

In the month of September 2022, Aha is coming up with a big lineup of Telugu movies, Originals, and shows. Take a look into the below table to witness all the upcoming Telugu movies in aha video.

Movie NameOTT Release Date
ParinayamSeptember 24, 2022
Ichata Vahanamulu NiluparaduSeptember 17, 2022
The Baker and The Beauty S1September 10, 2022
PIZZA 2September 03, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2022

In the month of August 2022, Aha is coming up with a big lineup of Telugu movies, Originals, and shows. Take a look into the below table to find all the aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022.

Movie NameOTT Release Date
SR KalyanamandapamAugust 27, 2022
Tharagathi Gadhi DaatiAugust 20, 2022
Chatur MukhamAugust 13, 2022
Super DeluxeAugust 06, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies July 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
aha Bhojanambu (Show)July 30, 2022
One [Dub]July 30, 2022
HeroJuly 24, 2022
NeedaJuly 23, 2022
Kudi YedamaitheJuly 16, 2022
PogaruJuly 2, 2022
30 Rojullo Preminchadam ElaJuly 2, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies June 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Jiivi (Tamil Dub)June 25, 2022
LKG (Tamil Dub)June 25, 2022
ING (In The Name of GOD)June 18, 2022
Ardha ShatabdhamJune 11, 2022
KalaJune 4, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies May 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Anukoni AthidhiMay 28, 2022
Play BackMay 21, 2022
Vijay SethupathiMay 14, 2022
Thank You BrotherMay 07, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies April 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Chaavu Kaburu ChallagaApril 23, 2022
Thellavarithe GuruvaramApril 16, 2022
11th HourApril 09, 2022
YApril 02, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies March 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Zombie ReddyMarch 26, 2022
Gaali SampathMarch 19, 2022
Kshana KshanamMarch 19, 2022
NaandhiMarch 12, 2022
Luca Alias JohnnyMarch 05, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies February 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Athade SrimannarayanaFebruary 23, 2022
Midnight MurdersFebruary 19, 2022
KrackFebruary 05, 2022

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies January 2022

Movie NameOTT Release Date
Naarinja MithaiJanuary 29, 2022
Super OverJanuary 22, 2022
Mail (Kambalapally Kathalu)January 12, 2022

Why Aha App for New Telugu Movies 2022?

Aha App regularly releases new movies, shows, and Originals. The OTT was launched with a big lineup of originals and Shows along with more than 200 new and old films that include old Blockbusters and new films like Buchinaidu Kandriga, Amaram Akhilam Prema, OreyBujjiga, Colour Photo, and Bhanumathi& Ramakrishna, and many more.

As of 2022 August, Aha Video is the only dedicated OTT platform for Telugu content. So, there is no confusion about the language. Unlike other OTT platforms, Telugu film lovers can easily navigate among various categories without any confusion. Some of aha’s high-profile releases in 2022 include Krack, Zombie Reddy, Naandhi, Chaavu Kaburu Challaga, Sulthan, 11th Hour, Ardha Shatabdham, Kala, Luca, Shylock, In the Name of God, and Kudi Yedamaithe. Stay tuned to the one-stop destination for the best Telugu entertainment.

Why Aha Video is the Best App for Telugu Movies?

Aha OTT is currently the industry leading VOD service exclusively for Telugu content. The services of Aha Video app launched in 2020 January and operating Worldwide through various channels like Android, iOS and others. By choosing Aha subscription anyone can enjoy all the entertainment related stuff besides many add-ons, which you cannot find in other platforms.

The content available in Aha Video is very relevant to the Telugu audience with English subtitles. With best films from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and other regional languages, Aha Video is leading on top. Though India has many OTT platforms, Aha Video always occupies the top chair in bringing the best movies, Web Series, Shows and Originals.

Does Aha Video has Other Language Movies?

Aha is currently serving Telugu content only but there are plans that Aha wants to land in the Tamil market by the end of 2022. Apparently, Aha management is also in talks with the Tamil actors and filmmakers for curating content for the Tamil people. So, we can expect Aha OTT in other South Indian languages by 2022.

How to Install Aha Video Telugu Movies App?

The process to install Aha Video Telugu movies is as simple as that. In the settings section of Aha Video App, you can find the installation option. Based upon the movie size and resolution, you can store the movies under My Stuff folder. Whenever you are offline, you can watch the movies using the smartphone app. But you should note that this option is available only in selected countries and for selected movies only.

aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 List

If you are a Telugu movies buff, then you should take membership in Aha Video Telugu. The Telugu content that is available on Aha Video is always the best and engaging, moreover it’s completely relevant to the Telugu audience with huge collection of Tollywood movies. In addition to Telugu movies, Aha Video users can avail VOD service for all the regional movies of India.

aha upcoming telugu movies 2022
aha upcoming telugu movies 2022

Aha Video History:

Aha has turned to be of the best OTT platforms for Telugu film lovers within 1 years of its launch. You can find the new movies of Tollywood on Aha Video. On this page, you will be finding the list of upcoming Telugu movies on Aha OTT for free. By the way, knowing upcoming movie’s digital release dates in advance is the best way to adjust your schedules accordingly. OTT List has come up with a smarter way to group all the Online release dates of new movies on Aha App.

By sticking to its promise of being an absolute destination for Telugu content, it seeks to announce a massive lineup of movies, Originals, and Series. In addition, you can also find a list of award-winning Tamil and Malayalam movies in Telugu audio. The video platform has succeeded in garnering 5 million installations and 18 million unique visitors within a few months of the launch. Moreover, it has perfectly utilized the Lockdown time by watching Telugu Dubbed Movies.

Aha upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 October

Aha has recently acquired the digital rights of some of the most waiting Telugu movies. Below is the list of Aha upcoming Telugu movies in the next three months.

  • Ichata Vahanamulu Niluparadu
  • Love Story
  • Pakka Commercial
  • Manchi Rojulu Vachayi

Aha Pricing & Plans:

Do you know? Aha Video is the only cheapest OTT platform across all the Digital Media Platforms. The OTT one-year subscription plan comes for just Rs.399/- which is affordable for every individual. As a special discount, Aha video has come up with a new promo code “aha100”, using this promo code you can get Rs.100/- extra discount for the first year. So, why are you waiting? apply this deal and get Aha App for a cheap price..

Subscription Plans in India

The Aha Tamil OTT app is compatible with almost all major platforms, including Google Android smartphones, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, as well as the MI LED TV. Begin with a monthly membership plan if you want to watch Aha Web Series on your smartphones, computers, and TVs.

The following are the Aha subscription prices:

  • 3 Months – 149 Rupees
  • Annually – 365 Rupees (Introductory Offer)

Supported Devices

The Aha OTT platform supports multiple devices. Here is the list of electronic devices that the Aha App supports.

  • Fire Tv Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku TV
  • Mi
  • LED TV
  • Samsung Smart TV

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