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Balagam Review: Ravi Teja has already launched his new production firm called RT Team Works and is producing little films, which is a good sign that big production companies are supporting small films with new production companies. Now it’s time for veteran producer Dil Raju, who founded Dil Raju Productions and created the ATM television series, which was immediately broadcast on Zee5. Balagam is Dil Raju’s second project.

Balagam Review

Dil Raju took part in the promotional activities for Balagam, which made waves for its unusual promotions. Collectively, they have been effective in generating a respectable buzz, which has led to the film’s eventual release. Let’s get started with the detailed evaluation and decide whether or not the movie is worthwhile.


Cast & Crew

Priyadarshi portrayed the main character, with Baby Kavya of Gangotri fame playing the female lead, while supporting actors Racha Ravi, Sudhakar Reddy, Jayaram, Muralidhar, and others performed crucial roles. The movie was written and directed by Venu Tillu, shot by Acharya Venu, and had music by Bheems Cecireleo. It was also produced by Harshith Reddy and Harshitha under the name Dil Raju Productions.

Movie NameBalagam
DirectorVenu Tillu
Music DirectorBheems Cecireleo
ProducerHarshith Reddy and Harshitha
GenreVillage Drama
CastPriyadarshi, Baby Kavya, Racha Ravi, and others
CinematographyAcharya Venu

Movie Verdict

We frequently watch rooted movies in Tamil and Malayalam, but Telugu doesn’t produce as many of them. But, things have changed, and Telugu filmmakers are increasingly attempting to present grounded stories. Traditionally, Telugu films had a stronger focus on outright ads. One such movie that portrays the tale of Telangana culture and its inhabitants is Balagam. Although the plot of Balagam is quite shallow, First has just the right mix of comedy and drama with a great Telugu vernacular that makes us travel with the characters. however, the relatable personalities stick with you.

The second half maintains the same style as the first, but it delves further into drama. The emotions are well-handled, but occasionally the second half’s pacing drags. The movie would have been lot more interesting if there had been a little more comedy. The movie includes all the components that will appeal to all audiences, notwithstanding the few unfinished business.

Priyadarshi is an excellent actor; we were familiar with him before Mallesham as a comedian, but he proved that he is also a skilled actor, and in this movie, he demonstrated his acting prowess. Racha Ravi, as usual, makes us chuckle for a while, while Baby Kavya, who has a lot of screen time, performs passably. According to the needs of the plot, the remainder of the cast tried their best.

The comedian-turned-director Venu Tillu has selected a topic that is accessible and has been conveyed fairly well. Although the entire movie was filmed in Sirisilla hamlet, Acharya Venu managed to capture the picturesque locations and primarily employed natural lighting, which gave the movie a very authentic appearance. The placing of the songs in the movie is fairly nice, and Bheems Cecireleo’s background score is passable. He has provided heartfelt tunes.

Ultimately, Balagam is a Telangana-based drama that can be enjoyed by viewers of all demographics.

Plus Points:

  • Screenplay
  • Performances
  • Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Simple PLot
  • Predictable Narration

Rating: 2.75/5

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