List of Hindi OTT Movies Inspired From Real Events

List of Hindi OTT Movies Inspired From Real Events: OTT has become a Messiah for film industry especially for content oriented films and films that based on Real Life incidents. In the past 2 years many of the biographical and real life inspired movies released on OTT platforms, some of them are as follows.


Hindi OTT Movies Inspired From Real Events

We might have seen many Bollywood movies so far, But some of us are hooked on an even more powerful genre: movies based on real stories. When fiction is based on real events, it can both transcend the idea of what’s true and allow for a deeper understanding of the wondrous world we inhabit.

List of Hindi OTT Movies Inspired From Real Events

Delhi Crime: Set in the aftermath of the horrific 2012 gangrape, the series follows the Delhi Police team that investigates and solves the case amid mounting pressure.

Raktanchal: Based on real events that took place in Purvanchal in the 1980’s the True crime drama tells the story of two warring gangsters.

Bose: Dead/Alive: The limited series dealt with the conspiracy theories and speculations surrounding Subash Chandra Bose disappearance and presumed death.

SCAM 1992: Based on the 1992 stock market scam, the series focuses on the  meteoric rise and fall of stockbroket Harshad Mehta

Bhaukaal: The crime drama is a semi fictionalized account of UP cop Navniet Sekera’s life and career, with season 1 focusing on his stint in Muzzaffarnagar

The Forgotten Army: Based on the true story of Bose’s Indian National Army, which fought the British in South East Asia during World War II

Jamtara: A fictionalized tale based on true incidents, wherein young boys in Jharkhand’s Jamtara ran a large scale phishing operation in the early 2000s

Kaafir: The True story of a Woman from PAK occupied Kashmir, who spent years in Indian prison under the suspicion of being a millitant

Special OPS: The espionage thriller merges fiction and true events where a RAW team hunts down a terrorist mastermind, who had ties the 2001 parliament attack

Rangbaaz: The anthology series takes up the story of a different gangster in each season. The season 1 story was loosely based on UP don Shri Prakash Shukla while season 2 was on Rajasthan gangster Anandpal Singh

The Verdict: State Vs Nanavathi: The murder mystery/ political thriller is a retelling of the famous Nanavathi case of 1959, where navol officer kawas nanvati was tried for the murder of Prem Ahuja, his wife’s lover

Abhay: A procedural crime drama that follows a Special Task Force officer as he solves gruesome and violent crimes, inspired by high profile real cases.

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