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Panchathantram Movie Review:After two years since its announcement, the film was finally ready for release. However, the filmmakers decided to delay the release of the film until the appropriate time. Today, December 9th, 2022, the film was finally released. The teaser and trailer drew attention and increased anticipation, and comedian Brahmanandam made a cameo appearance. Let’s see if the film is worth seeing by reading the review.


Panchathantram Movie Review


Each of the five stories in Panchathantram features its own conflict. Each story focuses on a distinct human sense, including smell, taste, hearing, touch, and taste. The remaining four stories explore how the senses interact with one another and whether or not the characters achieve their life form goals.

Cast & Crew

The film is directed by Harsha Pulipaka and features Brahmanandam, Swathi Reddy, Naresh Agastya, Rahul Vijay, Shivathmika Rajasekhar, Divya Drishti, and Samuthirakani, among others. The film was directed by Raj K. Nalli, composed by Shravan Bharadwaj, and produced by Srujan Yarabolu through TicketFactory.

Movie Name Panchathantram
Director Harsha Pulipaka
Music Director Shravan Bharadwaj & Prashanth R Vihari
Producer Akhilesh Vardhan & Srujan Yarabolu
Genre Drama
Cast Brahmananda, Swathi Reddy, Naresh Agastya, Rahul Vijay, Shivathmika Rajasekhar, Divya Drishti, Samuthirakani
Cinematography Raj K Nalli

Movie Verdict

The film is an interesting combination of human emotions that opens with Brahmanandam’s Vyas narrating the first five episodes. It then digs into the stories, where you can see the fantastic conversations between Lekha (Shivani Rajasekar) and Subhash (Rahul Vijay) and progressively discover more about the characters as the plot unfolds.

The film’s major flaw is its exceedingly plodding storyline, despite the fact that its intriguing characters and superb narration draw us in. However, the second half of the film, in which the problems, joys, and mental states of the five characters are revealed, emotionally engages the audience and retains their attention until the end. If you can endure the film’s plodding narrative to the end, you will definitely be left with a positive impression.

In terms of acting, the picture boasts an outstanding cast, but Brahmanandam is the film’s main attraction. The hilarious timing with which he presented the story as Vyas was a delight to witness on film. Swathi has performed admirably despite having a small amount of screen time. Samuthirakani once again surprised the audience with his outstanding performance since his sense of smell is so potent in those sequences.

The director, Harsha Pulipaka, deserves credit for bringing this amazing story to our attention. While there are some shortcomings in the writing, such as the fact that many of the characters do not have happy ends, and the narration might have utilised a bit more raunchy language, he handled each of the five stories with skill. Through the use of the five senses, he was also successful in maintaining the audience’s interest throughout the film.

Raj K. has produced some episodes with strong visuals. In some instances, Nalli’s cinematography is adequate, Shravan Bharadwaj and Prashanth R Vihari did an outstanding job, and the rest of the team performed admirably.

Overall, Panchathantram is a great mix of fundamental human emotions that will appeal to a vast audience.

Plus Points:

  • Stories
  • Music
  • Screenplay
  • Few Performances

Minus Points:

  • Slow Narration

Rating: 3/5

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